Good Moisturising Day & Night Cream For Tanned Skin – Suggestions


Revathy asks, 

Can you suggest me some good moisturising day cream and night creams..

I used to be fair but have tanned a lot over 2 yrs. and would call
myself wheatish now.. with a normal to dry skin..

I was planning on Olay Total effects pump for the day and really dont
have an idea for which night cream to go with..

Your suggestions would be really helpful..
Thanks a lot..



besy day and night cream suggestions


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  1. I’d suggest u check out L’oreal whitening night cream…didnt know how your skin type is..but i find it quite moisiturising..and it does help take a bit of tan off if used long.

  2. Hmmm.. As you have normal to dry skin, you can surely use olay total effects as a night cream 🙂 I do use it daily and it helps me to fade out my blemishes and improve skin tone. It wouldn’t suit oily skin as it is a bit greasy, about day cream you can use Olay natural white or Garnier 🙂 I use Himalaya fairness cream which has natural ingredients which helps me to keep my skin soft and blemish free (Mine is normal skin) 🙂 Good luck! You can also use Vaseline White body milk, It is very light, nourishing, tan removing and smells pleasant too.

  3. Natural remedy: Scrub ur body and face with tomato whenever poss. Helps remove tan… For face, if u don’t have oily skin, apply milk cream / “malai” and wash after 30 mins every alternate days or every two days

    Day and night cream: Just got Ponds Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream and Overnight Repair Dream Night Cream… currently there’s an offer on a pack of two… got both together at Rs549. Have kinda just started using it so can’t let u know the exact effects but the creams are very good… Not at all sticky and gives a good glow to the face… didn’t break me out… Got it after reading a lot of rave reviews abt it.

  4. hi revathy, :-))
    in 1/2 cup milk, add juice of 1/2 lemon. when it curddles apply it all over ur body and face 5 min. before bathing.
    use oats or jowar aata as faewash.
    NIGHT CREAM: mix 1tbsp malai/cream,petals of 1 rose(finely crushed),1/4 tsp sugar n 1/2 tsp of lemon juice. sotre in airtight container n use every night after cleansing. All will be fine soon. :-))

    also include beets, amla, honey in ur diet :cute:

    • Cool… I too lost my colour in swimming and Never got it back…. will try it… just temme one thing, this sugar would be powdered sugar right? or the whole granular one?

  5. Is the combo offer online for ponds ?I too use the day and night cream so Forum can you please tell me where the offer is going on?

    • I dunno if it’s available online Indrani… I stay inBombay and got it from Beauty Centre… I suppose it should be available at drugstore who stock Ponds

  6. Try Lakme Fruit Moisturiser skin renewal night cream..It has a pleasant fruity smell and its very effective on normal skin.


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