Gooseberry & Curry Leaves Hair Oil Recipe- DIY


Hair spa is a wonderful gift you can give yourself. And the best part of the hair spa treatment is massaging your head (hair as well as your scalp) with the oil.

Hot oil massage provides the necessary nourishment to the hair roots and the strand. The massage helps in proper blood circulation and removes dead cells from the scalp helping the scalp to breath healthily. The oil massage restores the natural shine to the hair.

 Here is a simple herbal oil you can make on your own. You will need a fistful of hibiscus leaves, henna leaves, curry leaves, dried goose berry pieces, few pieces of edible camphor and a liter of gingely oil.

It is best if the process is carried out in an iron kadai. After gathering all the required items

Hair Oil- Steps By Step:-

  • Drop all the leaves and dried goose berry pieces into the kadia.
  •  Add 4-5 spoons of gingely oil and heat in low flame for about 3-4 minutes until all leaves are fried well.
  • Now add the whole one liter of gingely oil into the kadai and boil the oil very well.
  • After the flame is put off, allow the oil to cool and the leaves and goose berries to settle down.
  • Separate all the leaves and the goose berry pieces from the oil.
  • Store the oil in a clean bottle for use.
  •  Drop about 10 pieces of edible camphor to the oil bottle. The camphor will dissolve on its own. It gives great aroma to the oil and also helps in fighting infection in the scalp.

(Main ingredients for the oil. Leaves are easily available in  your own garden. Dried goose berry pieces are available at any Ayurvedic shop.)

Hibiscus, henna and curry leaves hair oil home made+hair oil preparation at home

 (Hibiscus, henna and curry leaves and dried goose berry pieces in the iron kadai)

Hibiscus, henna and curry leaves in iron kadhai +curry leaves oil+best oil for hair growth

(All ingredients fried in 3-4 spoon gingely oil.)

 Gingerly oil for hair care+curry leaves oil+hibiscus for hair

(One liter of gingely oil added to the kadai after the leaves are fried enough.)

gooseberry hair oil+herbal hair oil+good hair oil preparation

(Oil in boiling state.)

best hair oil for hair growth +hair oil growth curry leaves+oil hair oil hair growth oil

(Final product with few pieces of camphor added.)

 Oil and camphor +hair oil at home+DIY HAIR OIL

This has been my massage oil for over 3 years. A very simple and easy method to carry out. So ladies, enjoy a massage with herbal oil that smells of camphor.

 Do you have favourite hair oil recipe which has worked for your miraculously?

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  1. Wow! this seems simple..

    u kno something? when i read gingely oil, the first thing that came to my mind was the gingerly blush from mac 😉 hehe..

  2. Very interesting hair oil. I am definately going to try this one out….my hair is drying like hay….Gingely or TIL oil is wonderful for BP patients but becareful if you have nut allergies… the first pic of the leaves in the paislyey bowl………..Good Stuff. ( :yes: ). Thanks for a gr8 Do-it-youreself hair oil.

    • yup! i am so glad to know that every body is working so hard on the pictures nowadays 🙂

      and for dry hair ginger oil is a blessing and hot oil hair massage is wonderful too..

  3. Soooper nutritious for the hair! You can also add a handful of crushed peppercorns and methi seeds to this mixture and boil it. My grandma used to make a very similar oil.. And we used it during Diwali.

  4. OMG.. I have never thought about this before… I think this can be a big help to me so that I won’t need to buy some massage oils…

  5. great recipe..m surely gonna try out once i figure yea gingerly oil kya hai. kidhar milta hai :silly: i have dry hair my hair is gonna luv dis one :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  6. chandni what is gingely oil 😕 i soo want to make some oil at home.. but hv to search for all the leaves n stuff first :-(( i dnt even knw whr is the ayurvedic shop in my area :-((

  7. hi, Chandini thanks for the recipe 🙂 , i love natural products, i’ve tried the curry leaves in the past but put off with the smell, but i like your camphor trick( is it ok to add to the hair oil?) definately gonna try it. :tap-dance: gingely oil is til/sesame oil right

  8. Wow, I did not know this at all. I will definitely give it a shot. Plain coconut oil mixed with some olive oil has always been my mantra. I have very thick, long hair which gets difficult to manage during the summers. Once in a while, I also go for a hair spa to prevent dandruff and smelly scalp. Recently, after a friend suggested, I started using Hair n Care. Well, I had more reasons to buy it because they have roped in teen diva Shraddha Sharma for their campaign. I am a big fan of hers, not because she sings well, but is also a motivation for me. Cheers!!

  9. Even my mom makes a very similar oil using coconut and sarson oil. It helped in reducing her hairfall and makes hair very silky.
    Can someone suggest a good conditioner without silicones and other harmful chemicals for dry frizzy hair ? Badly need help.

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