Gothic Makeup And How To Do It



Gothic Makeup And How To Do It

Dark, mysterious and exotic, these are the words that come to my mind whenever I think of Gothic makeup. Makeup is one of the ways to show others our personality, express our nature and covey what we are and what we feel. And makeup is one of the important features that complete a Gothic look.


Gothic look black lipstick FOTD


Gothic makeup as we all know can be bold and beautiful or just dark and harsh. There are mainly two styles of Goth makeup: the usual Vampy Goth makeup and another Romantic, a softer and more sensuous version of the culture.

Lets see how to do it:-

The base makeup is same for all the looks:-


Start with primer, that will not only make a base for your foundation, but will also allow it to go on smooth and evenly.


Go for a foundation with medium-high coverage and a shade lighter than your usual shade to create a paler complexion. Dot it on your face. Now take your favorite sponge or brush and fully blend it in. Make sure you apply foundation on your neck as well.


As I have mentioned earlier many times that I conceal after using foundation because it allows me to see which areas on the face need more coverage. Apply a concealer under your eyes and on imperfections, like corners of lips, corners of nose, etc.


Time to set your foundation with a powder. Take a big fluffy brush and buff your face with it. This sets your makeup and prevents it from looking shinny. Dust a little white powder to create a more dramatic gothic look.

Eye Brows

Fill in your brows following your natural eyebrow shape.

Eye makeup and their complementing lip colors:-

Romantic Goth makeup


gothic look tips


Romantic Goth eye makeup is bold, beautiful and sensuous complemented by deep red lips.

Rose gold, berry, plum, silver, grey are your colors of eyeshadow. Apply the medium shade on lid, the darker on the outer corners and the lightest on inner corners and brow bone. Make sure the colors are from the same color family and complement each other. Line your eyes and extend the inner corners for the drama. Apply falsies and mascara.

This look works with so many lip colors. You can choose any shade of rich dark red that complements your look.

Glam Goth


how to do gothic makeup


Stormy colors such as charcoal grey, cloudy silver, intense navy and deep plum are your colors. Go for deep dramatic smoky eyes and sultry red lip stain.

Vintage Vampy


how to do gothic look


This symbolizes Gothic makeup. This is the famous Black Friday makeup. Apply a black, dark drown, deep blue, dark green, purple or burgundy eyeshadow on your eyelids. Try to create rings around your eyes by using deep blue or purple eyeshadow that will bear a more haunted look. Sprinkle some litter dusts for added drama.

For lips, go for blackish reds or purples.

Red and Black makeup


red and black gothic makeup


Another popular Goth makeup.

Apply matte red eye shadow on the crease area and above the crease as well. Apply a black colored eyeshadow on the lid and blend in up into the red. Finish off with thick strokes of eyeliner, falsies and loads of mascara. Apply blackish red lipstick. Or you can do ombre lips using black and red.


Lips are highly emphatic and elaborate in Goth makeup. Draw carefully the outline of the lips with a darker tone lip liner and fill in with a shade lighter. With dark colored lips, it is very important to be very precise when drawing the lines. You can o for ombre lips as well.

Highlighting and Contour

Contouring and highlighting create a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color. Take a matte bronzer and apply it under your cheek bones to contour. And to bronze, simply put it anywhere the sun would naturally hit. Highlighting works with contouring. For example, when you contour your cheeks, you apply contour in the hallow area and highlight the apples. You also highlight the brow bone to open the eye and give depth to the crease area.


Roll on your brush on your favorite warm blush and sweep on your cheeks for a gorgeous flush of color. Blend outwards.

Have you tried doing gothic makeup?

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