Gown – Tips To Wear Gown And Five Famous bollywood actresses in gown


 Few days back I was watching Big Boss and and seeing Katrina in gown made me fall in love with her.Of late , the evening gowns have caught the fancy of these tinsel town females which is making them look stunning and very feminine.

katrina kaif in gown

 Luxurious, ornate, elegant …they defines every woman’s secret desire of lavishness.That inner desire of feeling special can be seen in gowns only.

Do’s and Don’t of wearing gown/Tips of wearing gown

1. Over accessoring an already embellished gown is a faux pas.
2. Choose the right shoes, clutch bag, earrings and jewellery.
3. Make sure your gown is floor lenght.A gown like a sari, worn above the heel is a disaster.
4 If you are on the heavier side, go for slim cuts in chiffon or Georgette, A petite woman should go for a dramatic gown in taffeta or organza.

Lets check out Geniela, Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in gown.

geniela in gown

kareena in gown

aishwarya in gown

Who do you think is looking the sexiest by the way?

Info source  – Time of India newspaper.

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  1. Katrina is looking fab! I liked kareena's gown color too…..
    u didnt ask for worst among these, well…. thats kangana, looking as if she is going for her wedding….:p

  2. Ash looks stunning in a gown…ALWAYS…she carries it like any other international celeb….Kangana looks like mmm…dunno…but doesnt look good….she could do better off with her contemporary looks

  3. the lady in the 1st picture should should have worn a better support under garment.
    that's another must too. wear the correct undergarments…
    her boobs are right down to her waist!! but i love her dress though.

  4. Jen pic is not doing justice to her gown otherwise she was looking fab and her undergarment was looking fully supporting to the dress as well..

  5. yeah i saw KWK, she wasn't good n it was kindda funny the way she was cracking some PJs and launghing all by herself only ….:D
    The trip was good…. i took my youger sis with me coz you didnt come. we participated in antakshari but lost 🙁 …… n yeah danced oon DJ like anything

  6. hahah gla du didnt take me in antakshri…because i suck in songs and sumb sharadh..:D:d two days back i was playing with my friends and i couldn't guess hum aapke hai kaun..can any one be that terrible :D:d

    and i gues she was two nervous but i enjoyed the conversation of anil kapoor and sanjay dutt. poor girl didnt get any footage because of them..

    and then karan asking sanjay dutt — what anil have and u don have..lot of hair …ROFLLLLLL

  7. I liked genelia and katrina both
    and like prerana i also prefer sarees much more forgiving of a curvaceous figure than a gown 😀

  8. haha… n when he asked anil: what sanjay have bt u dont. he said- court cases…..LOL

    n by the way… Laanat hai on you that you couldnt guess HAHK… now i hope you wont ask me wats HAHK…. 🙂


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