DIY – Gram Flour And Curd For Face


DIY – Gram Flour And Curd For Face

Gram flour is the best skin care product in terms of giving glow to the dull skin. It absorbs everything unwanted from the skin that is in excess. If you have oily skin then gram flour is just the perfect solution for all the excess oil secretion from our skin. For normal and dry skin few drops of almond oil (or any of your favorite oil) is to be added occasionally to the pack so that skin does not lead towards dryness.

Why Shall I Use This Face Face Pack?

We all know that these two great ingredients were well used by our grand-moms and moms due to their great skin benefits. You grab 2 tablespoons of gram flour to exfoliate skin and also use it as a base in face pack; and you don’t have to use those expensive products so often. Gram flour works effectively in removing all the dead skin cells while the water that floats on top of the curd as well cleanses skin without stripping the natural oils from your skin. It keeps the moisture in your skin and makes it soft and supple.

That is why this simple face pack can be used once a week to get clean and beautiful skin.


The base for this gram flour face pack is the sour water from curd. If you have the habit of making curd at home every day, then you will know about the water that gets collected on top of the curd. This water is little sour to smell and works like an excellent skin toner.

Curd - Gram flour and curd water Face Pack+natural face mask


So, the procedure to make this face pack is just simple.

Carefully tilt the container that holds curd and collect all the sour water into another clean bowl.

Collecting Curd water - Gram flour and curd water Face Pack+natural face masks

Add about 2 to 3 spoons of gram flour to this bowl and mix well to get the thick consistency. If the consistency is too thin then add some more gram flour to it and mix to get desired consistency. Make sure the consistency doesn’t become thick else you need to add some more curd water to it.

Gram flour added - Gram flour and curd water Face Pack+face packs

Done. 🙂

Your gram flour + curd water face pack is ready. These two ingredients are more than enough to give you great results but if you want, you can make it more effective by adding any other ingredients of your choice such as a spoon fuller’s earth, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, cucumber juice, rose water, etc.

Gram flour and curd water Face Pack+homemade face pack

How to use:

I find it so strange to write this ‘how to use’ section. :-P. But this post would be incomplete if I do not mention about this section.

  • Check if the consistency is just perfect or not. Adjust it if required.
  • Since both curd and gram flour cleanse skin, you need not put much attention on cleaning your face.
  • Just grab your regular mild face wash to wash your face and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply the pack all over face and neck evenly without leaving any patches.
  • Allow the pack to dry completely on the face. It may take 15 – 20 minutes but for some people it may take more.
  • Now rinse with some lukewarm water and remove every trace of it.
  • You can now see your clean, moisturized and soft skin.

Gram flour and curd water Face Pack hand swatch+home made face pack


Have you tried using gram flour and sour water from curd for your skin?

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  1. I tried it ..its amazing…it aborbs my face oil.and makes me feel fresh and soft all over day…i use a pack twice a day for more glowing.
    Every one try this ..its reallly grt..


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