Green And Black KONAD Nail Art Tutorial


Since the time I have started trying KONAD nail art I keep thinking of an interesting design to make nail art look trendy and yet easy.When I first got the stamping tools i thought its not my cup of tea but with  little practice now I find them easy to work with.Little practice goes a long way 😉

This nail art is inspired with  rainy season.There is a balcony with fences and when I peep put I see greenery with flowers  all around.Quite imaginative :D:D


Nail art with KNOAD


To start with it I applied a transparent base coat and above it a forest green nail paint from womsee

Green nail art design , Indian nail art blog

Witk KNOAD stamping kit I got these fences in black colour on green nail paint.You can read this post on how to use KONAD stamping nail art


Knoad nail art on green nail pait


Now I painted the tip with black nail paint and below then fences made this simple flowers with white and yellow  nail paint  with the help of nail art tool.My white nail paint has become quite drying so they are not looking that pretty so pardon me for that.

In the end I sealed the nail art with a transparent nail paint again and I am done 🙂

Flower nail art design on green nail paint


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  1. i love the colors. you got a good eye for colors ans !! 🙂 i got no stamping kit…will try buying one…looks like fun 🙂


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