Green banana recipes – Raw banana sabji /Kache kele ki sabji (with pictures)


This recipe is taught to me by my recent South India friend who is a great cook too. Hubby and me are quiet fond of mashed potatoes and one day while discussing the mashed potato recipe with her she asked me to try this one out too.This one is quick and instant recipe and if you are raw banana fan then you are going to like it .

Here goes the recipe of  green banana recipe


4 Raw bananas 
1tbsp of oil (any oil will do)
pinch of asafoteida

2- red chillies
1tsp. urad dal

1tsp. mustard seeds(rai/ sarson)
1tsp chana dal(split bengal granm)
Few curry leaves

Salt to taste
red chilli powder(according to taste)
Turmeric powder(1/4tsp)
Coriander powder(1tsp)
1tbsp. lemon juice(if you like the taste otherwise you can skip this too)


Step1 – Steam the raw banana (with skin)for 7-8 minutes .Let them cool down and peel off there skin and grate it(.I mashed it to save time and energy   )

Step2 -  Take a heavy pan and add oil in it.Add mustard seeds, curry leaves,  asafoetida(hing), red chillies urad dal and roast till they turn pink.

 Step3 – Add raw banana , salt, red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder.

Step4 – Mix gently and saute for few minutes.

Step5 – In the end add lemon juice.

Serve with rice or paratha.This is a dry dish so you will need raita or some dal along with this.

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