Green Color Correction Makeup – How To Use Green Color Corrector



Green Color Correction Makeup – How To Use Green Color Corrector

The color wheel to correct the color on your face is one of the coolest things I have tried recently. From the nagging blemishes, skin redness to irritating dark under eye circles, shallowness and skin discolorations, a little color corrector can save all your skin-sins.


how to use color corrector


There are many colors in colored correctors like green, yellow, blue, lavender, salmon. But the one most people are curious about and the one which is mostly used is the green color corrector.

So today I’ll be covering “how to work with green correctors.”

First let me talk about the color theory

The Color Theory


color correction makeup wheel


In a color wheel you’ll see each color has a direct complementary color. A color when paired with the color on exact opposite complements each other when placed side by side, and when put and blended together, they neutralize each other.

The green works best with reds, blues with oranges and lavender with yellows. They each other make gorgeous combinations, enhance and stand out next to each other.

Thus, from the wheel you can see that red is the direct complementary color of green. The green corrector works best when worked on skin imperfections that are red in color, like blemishes, acne marks, rosacea, sun burns and anything that has red to it.

So lets see

How to use green color correctors


how to green color corrector


Before starting with the application, make sure that the redness which you are going to correct using the green corrector is permanent or at least semi-permanent and will not vanish with the passing hours. If that happens, if the redness disappears, you’ll be left behind with patchy greens on your face.

  • Spot the area you want to correct.
  • Dip a brush into the corrector. The corrector basically comes in cream formulas which help in each blending without looking cakey or too powdery.
  • Apply it on the area. Gently pat a very thin layer on using the brush or a finger. The thinner the better, cause if you need more you can always add up; just start with little amount. Apply this only in the area of discoloration, because as I mentioned earlier, if you go outside the problem area then you’ll be tinting the other unwanted areas too.
  • When you’ll apply it, you’ll see it looks green. Don’t panic. When blended well you’ll see no green and it will neutralize the red as well. Thus, neither you’ll be left with any red nor any green on your face.


green color correction mkaeup


  • You can easily avoid the concealer now and move on with your foundation. But if you have to use concealers, then make sure you blend them really well, sheer them out so that the makeup doesn’t look cakey.
  • Apply foundation and blend everything well.

So that’s it. Pretty easy.

Have you used color correctors?

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