Tips & Toes Nail Enamel 31 Grass Swatches


Two days back I went for  grocery shopping and found this cutie nail polish shade in Tips & Toes.I immediately picked it up.Hardly cost anything just 45 :D:D

Tip & Toes Nail Enamel

It is a opaque persian green colour and Tip and Toes named it 31 Grass :D:D


Nail Enamel 31 grass swatches

Nail Paint has creme finish and it doesn’t chip for 2-3 days.


Nail Paint Persian Green Swatches

I was too eager to draw some white flower on it..:D:D


Nail Paint  Enamel Jungreen Colour


Did you like the Grass:D:D

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      • Oh..its available at Reliance fresh? Then I have a chance!! 😉 So this is gona be my weekend assignment I guess..hehe..

          • Haha! I guess old habits die hard..Even after so long, the MBA habit remains..but i guess it holds true for all us gals..kuch naya dikha nahi ke shopping par nikle nahi 😉

            Anyways Rashmi ke assignments hote I’ll have to add ur assignments also! Poor Hubby of mine.. 😉

            • lolz….actually we do it for our hubby only..they always want us to look good na 😉 and we dutifully follow them :D:D

                  • Ahh! the Puppy face…i still use it…and it does reap its rewards.. 😉 lekin its still reluctant rewards..Kaash hubby wud just drive me to all the shops Ilov and gimme ‘khulla choot’!! 😉

                    • hahah and i think puppy faces works better before marriage after marriage hubby get used to of them 🙁

                    • I my case, its been 5yrs of puppy looks.. 🙁 Now my pati parmeshwar is Immuunneee!!!! 🙁

  1. thats so lovely color ana :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* and one more thing i wanna tell you
    i love how you define the colors and thankfully you know na what i mean …. i sware proper shade names rather then giving some odd descriptions …. count me in as i am a big dumb in giving proper shade names …. but am so glad i always appreciates the color shades you describes :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • what what :drool::drool: me waiting me waiting

      getting too many surprises today: :D:D:D
      u showing me you n yur boss pic :rotfl:


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