Green Smoky Eyes Makeup Look


Hey, ladies! Do you like smoky eye look? I am sure, you all do! Smoky eye look is trending since a long time and I can’t see any signs of going down the line. We all have seen black or brown smoky eye look but this time, it’s the turn of the green khaki smoky eye look! Khaki colour and Khaki outfits are a trend now and how can an outfit be complete without makeup? Also, the wedding season is on and if you want to look a tad bit different then this look is also apt with your lehengas and sarees! So let’s see how we can create this green smoky eye look in just a couple of minutes with mostly drugstore products, out of which you can find maximum in

green smoky eye makeup look

This is the makeup look we are about to create using some simple and affordable products and I am sure you all will love it! So let’s begin!

At first, apply incolor gel eyelinerร‚ย all over the eyelid. But make sure to start with a bit of eyeliner and take as you proceed to make it smooth and not messy.

After applying the gel eyeliner and increasing the intensity as per need, we need to apply the Avon true colour Eyeshadow Quad in the shade 2 and applying on the eyelid area where the gel eyeliner is applied.

Next from this Covergirl True Naked Goldens, taking the dark brown shade and applying to the outer corner. After applying, just drag it to the crease area as well. This will make the eyes more defined.

Now with this fluffy brush from Colorbar, blend all the harsh edges and the colours together so that there is a smooth transition of colours and the eyes look perfect!

Now after blending all in, take the highlighter shade from the Avon palette and apply it to the brow bone area and blend in with fingers and brush.

Apply blue heaven sketch eyeliner for the winged liner. And I must tell you, this is a great eye liner for the winged eyeliner look. ๐Ÿ™‚

green smoky eye look

Now fill your eyebrows with a brown eye shadow and clean it up with a brush.

green smoky eye look

Now apply Avon Big Darling Kajal which is a very intense black kajal. Apply this to the lower lash line and waterline and smudge it out with a brown eye shadow.

curl eye lashes

Now curl your lashes with Gubbร‚ย Eyelash curler

Now after curling the eyelashes, applying the Avon Super Extended Mascara which helps me giving the natural eye look and not falsies that I absolutely love! ๐Ÿ™‚

And your eye makeup look is ready!

Now heading over to the face..

For the face, start with Mac Studio fix foundation which is my absolute favourite. You can choose any foundation you like!

loose powder

Now after the foundation, set the face and highlight with a loose powder by Maybelline Setting + perfecting loose powder

Now use the blush and highlighter from Lakme. The Lakme moon lit highlighter has both a blush which is to be applied on the apples of the cheek and the highlighter above the blush on the cheek bone area.

Now dust off the excess loose powder with a powder brush!

No contour is done and very light bronzing if you wish to!

Now for the lip part..

applying lip liner wet and wild

Now for the lips, apply a lip liner from Wet and Wild and fill it up too. This increases the intensity and also makes the lipstick last longer.

lakme 9 to 5 mauve sport

Then, at last, apply the lip colour from Lakme 9 to 5 Mauve sport. It makes the face look bright and beautiful. This is not very shimmery but is a very beautiful shade.

And with this, we finish the completed look and it turned out like this ๐Ÿ™‚

green smoky eye makeup look

Hope everyone likes it ๐Ÿ™‚



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