Green Tea Benefits for your Hair and Skin


Green Tea Benefits for your Hair and Skin 

Can green tea be touted as a near-universal miracle cure?  Clinical evidence suggests just that.  Green tea also called Camellia sinensis is basically a gift from China to the world and is packed with health and beauty benefits that you can enjoy whether drinking it or applying directly to your skin.

For those of you are not familiar with green tea here is a little bit of information on the goodness of tea tree.  This extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals that occur in the body.


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Green tea controls diseases associated with ageing, exposure to pollution, smoking and excess sunlight.  It not only promotes good health but also makes you look younger as many types of make-up, lotions, creams and beauty preparations also capitalise on its natural benefits by including the antioxidants.
Green tea also helps with weight loss, decreases the appetite, increases mental activity, Eases the symptoms of digestive disorders and soothes skin conditions such as sunburns.


How does Green Tea help your Hair and Skin?

The high levels of antioxidants in green tea can also help improve the health of the hair and scalp by blocking the damage caused by free radicals. It’s also believed that green tea can help increase blood flow to the scalp.  Green tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant, it reduces DHT and Cholesterol in your body.  To reduce the effects of DHT means  to block it and green tea seems to be a natural when it comes to blocking DHT, and this all natural goalie will do so.

This herbal process minimizes the effects of hair follicle reduction. Since it fights against age too, it works like a marvel in strengthening hair strands.  Green tea also contains a certain molecule called catechin in oodles. Catechin helps in stimulating hair growth.

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For your skin it has antiseptic properties and so you can be used to treat minor cuts and rashes.  It can also  be applied to spots and blemishes. It can even be used as a treatment for sunburn and for dark circles.

There are three main ways that you can follow to gain the maximum benefits of green tea for your hair:

Drink 2 cups green tea daily. A tea bag in a cup of hot water with some honey is just perfect.  This will relax your blood vessels, thus supporting proper blood circulation which will enrich your hair follicles with more nutrition.

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Massage your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion by adding the right amount of pressure. When you use any product for scalp massage, make sure it involves green tea as the main ingredient.

Use shampoos containing green tea. You can even use plain tea leaves while washing your hair to cleanse your scalp perfectly. Often dirty scalps are the reason for hair loss and scalp infections.

Now a simple recipe for your skin would go something like this:

Leave 100g of green tea leaves in half a litre of mineral water at room temperature for at least one hour. Strain the liquor and it’s ready to use! Then transfer the strained liquid into a clean, sterilised bottle and refrigerate it.You can read how to make green tea toner here

Spray it then on your face to freshen it up or just put it on some cotton pads and use it to soothe tired eyes and skin.   If you use tea bags then after you use the bag put it in the freezer and then when you need to relax get it out of the fridge and put it on your eyes.
A little green tea consumed daily won’t hurt your health but will prevent a number of serious health problems.  Add several cups to your daily menu or you could also take green tea as a pill.  You will start to see the green tea working once you drink it for at least six months to a year.

Do you drink Green Tea?  What are some of the benefits that you know of?  Do share it with us.

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    • I drink two cups of Green Tea everyday + Coconut water + lemon water ( sometimes with honey also). Also, I prepare toners myself + I use Aloe Vera gel on skin + Calamine lotion ( with camphor ). And Voila, I don’t have to use soo many make up products for a flawless skin. I just use Maybelline BB Cream on face everyday. That’s it, nothing else !

    • achha bowing hold on……..yup its a good product. Enjoy the benefits ladies. No havent really used tea tree as a rinse but I also will try it tonight….

  1. Oh awesome tips.. i have sooo many green tea packs in my kitchen..i hated the taste so its lieing der… but hey.. did anyone say its good for hair n skin ..m so gulping it down my throat! 😛 😛 :yes:

  2. I drink Green Tea daily One Cup and its been 8 months now since i start drinking Green Tea. And know what? I have already started to see the good effects on my skin !!!! :tap-dance: Go for it ladies..! :yes:


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