Green Tea EGCG & Its Benefits


Green Tea EGCG & Its Benefits

A cup of tea makes everything better, and when there is a cup of green tea in your hand and love in your heart, nothing seems more relaxing. Green tea is liquid wisdom. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and can also be regarded as a storehouse of benefits for the skin. It is the most common natural remedy to brighten skin and makes it flawless. The high amount of anti oxidants that green tea has fight against free radicals.

Green Tea Benefits for your Hair and Skin+Green tea antioxidants

These antioxidants found in green tea are also helpful in combating skin cancer by keeping the cancer causing harmful enzyme at bay. Additionally green tea acts against sunburn and tanning also and helps in weight reduction.

Green Tea Benefits for your Hair and Skin+green tea for good health

But do you know that although green tea has more than 200 bioactive compounds, one compound receives by far the most attention: it is most abundant and potent antioxidant, EGCG. So let us see what benefits EGCG has on us…

Cancer Prevention:

Cancer rates tend to be low in countries such as Japan and China where green tea is regularly consumed. You know why? Because, the EGCG in green tea plays an important role in the prevention of cancer by keeping the cancer causing harmful enzyme at bay.

greentea fack pack

Prevents atherosclerosis:

This potent extract of green tea may help prevent atherosclerosis, particularly coronary artery disease. It includes stable angina, unstable angina, myocardial infarction, and sudden coronary death.

Goodbye Bad Cholesterol:

Evidences show that green tea reduces the levels of LDL or bad blood cholesterol and raises HDL or good cholesterol, thereby further preventing heart diseases.

Balanced Blood Sugar level:

EGCG may help regulate glucose in the body and thus controlling blood sugar in the body.

Proper functioning of liver:

Researches have shown that people who drink green tea on a regular basis are less likely to develop disorders of the liver.

Proper brain functioning:

EGCG may help prevent memory loss and aid in proper functioning of your brain.

Improvement in health of joints:

Green tea is a great option to employ on patients suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and bursitis. Since green tea is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, the EGCG is very good for your joints.

Higher Fat Burning:

EGCG may help you lose weight by improving your metabolism, fat burning power and reducing the ability of your body to store fat. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do exercise or follow any proper diet. EGCG may help you drop a few pounds, but you have to follow it with exercise and a proper healthy diet.


By ageing we think of sagging and wrinkled skin which we can see from the outside, but aging occurs from the inside out. Not only is skin health at risk, but all tissue in the body begins to deteriorate over time. There comes into play the EGCG of green tea. It not only smoothens your wrinkled skin, but also takes care of you from within.

Goodbye puffy eyes:

green tea bags for dark circles

Simple Green Tea Compress does wonders for our eyes. Chill damp green tea bags and keep them on eyes for 10-15 minutes. This will reduce puffiness around eyes and regular usage of this will reduce dark circles too.

So? Enough reasons to grab another cup of green tea? Head to the kitchen now!:D

Have you still not tried the healthy Green Tea?

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