Green Tea For Weight Loss – Does It Work?


Ishika asks,


I have planning to take up green tea for weight loss.Is there any one who has tried that  and lost weight too ?How much weight it can help in reducing and which brand green did you take?



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  1. Hi..
    dont know how effective green tea really is for weight loss..but some form of exercise is also needed for weight tea alone wont solve that 🙁

  2. It is good and combined with proper exercise it can be effective as it increases the metabolism rate of your body. I drink it everyday but not with the motive of weightloss . I find it really relaxing and im bit of a tea junkie so i really enjoy it 😛
    it is good for detoxification too!

  3. hey.. i also started recently :dance: …cz i heard its good for skin… not for weight loss… i like the flavor too..
    for losing weight it should be combined with exercise and diet also..
    i use Tetley long leaf green tea..
    i have seen on TV some weight loss green teas.. but not sure if its fake..
    Also you should take in moderation strictly… dont go overboard…

    • is the tetley long leaves green tea is really long enough??? u have tried. i bought it nd its not that what they call. it is dried nd powder like leaves…

  4. green tea doesnt work in isolation. You combine working out + drinking two cups of green tea + healthy eating, yo will definitely see improvement. It helps you lose weight and also brings tht glow to your face.

  5. it is good for ur it contains lots of anti oxidants…but it doesnt work for weight loss…for tht u can have coconut water 15 min before the meals…thrice a day…iam working with tht..i loosed 2 kgs weight in a month… :-))

  6. i dont know completely but it had some fatty acids which reduces fats accumulated in the body…but it is working not only reducing the fat but my skin looking so so good…and even my tone my fav drink is coconut water……..

  7. Yes it does help in weight loss bt along with it u need proper diet n walk for 30 mins, it helps a lot to change ur mood it gives relief frm
    stress tulsi green tea adds
    wonder and dip the tea bag for 5 to 10 times n throw in hot water otherwise it tastes bitter and one more thing replace ur one meal.with soup u will definately loose weight make it a evening snack

  8. A cup of green tea alone wont help you much ! you need to be regular with you exercise routine and other food and lifestyle habits. Personally I dont like the taste :silly:

  9. It does helps, but has to be combined with some exercise..Its meant to have antioxidants that increase your Metabolic rate that helps break down fats but it needs to be combined with some sort of exercise..

  10. Hey I am a great Green tea fan :rotfl:
    It helps very much in weight loss ya :tap-dance:
    I have reduced so much with the help of green tea 😀
    But need some diet too… :giggle:
    I am using Tetley sometimes Lipton…

  11. I have been a regular with Green Tea for a long time now. I think what it does is kill your hunger pang, improve your digestion and cleanse your system/detox.

    All these things are quite essential for weight loss!

  12. Just one trick in isolation won’t do any good. Drinking lots of water is another. Limejuice in lukewarm water + coconut water + green tea and homemade fruit juices can be a part of ones liquid bit for the day.

  13. To see effects you need to have min. 3 cups a day. Without sugar. There are phases when I take it regularly and I feel really healthy. I boil water with little cinnamon [it curbs the craving for sweets] then turn off the gas and wait for a minute. Then pour the hot water in another vessel over a pinch of green tea leaves. Cover the vessel for a min. Then pour in a cup and have.
    This with boiled vegetables in the evening made me loose about 3 kgs and it din’t come back even after I stopped having it 🙂
    Your post makes me wanna start it Now 🙂 Thanks!!!

  14. Hi,
    I was struggling with my weight issues as well. Not matter how much exercise I used to do, I was not able to shed pounds. One fine day my friend suggested to drink green tea. I took her advice and started to have 3 to 4 cups daily. Along with proper diet and regular cups of green tea, I started to lose weight . Every month I was losing around 800gms to 1kg. In a period of 8 months I lost 7kgs. My daily routine was having heavy breakfast like rice with some curry or chapati with curry followed by 2 cups of green tea. Heavy lunch followed by 1 or 2 cups of green tea. During evening snacks I used to much on sprouts like green moong or chick pea. No dinner at all. Try this for a month it should realy work


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