Green tea toner mask with step by step pictures


I purposely made green tea toner in a large amount so that I can try this mask which Rads was talking about.

I did some changes to make the mask comfortable for me and trust me I have been using this mask since five days and I can feel the difference.If you remember I did deep cleansing a week back.After doing this my face is going ga ga.Toner is chilled and when soaked in cotton and applied on my face.It was soooooo refreshing and relaxing.And it Hardly took five minutes.
This is how I went about it

Step1-I took the green toner in a cup.

Step2-Took cotton facial pad (if you are allergic to normal cotton pads  then buy body shop cotton pads)and gave it a shape of my face.(This time I didn’t have a stupid face shape..My cotton pad was smiling..May be he knew something good is going to take place:))


Step3-I soaked the cotton facial pad in the green tea toner and not worrying about the quantity as it just cost nothing and is completely alcohol free and organic.Squeezed out the extra toner so that it doesnt pour from my face.




Step4-Opened it up carefully and placed it on my face and relaxed by lying down on the bed.I kept it for around five minutes band I could smell the green tea and my face was getting fresh too.

It might be that cutting the cotton pad into pieces might be more effective as per the instruction in the video but for me this was easy peasy thing to do . By doing  it this way too my skin is still feeling the difference.

Would like to thank Rads again for this wonderful mask recipe:)


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  1. Heyy Anamika..your comment went missing but your method is great..and love your mask 🙂 And loved the part about not worrying about soaking it cos its free..hehhehehehe.

  2. @ Tans-My day was pretty nice so may be mass indicated it Tanz…last time my mask was literally crying:)@Rads—he he.I am total baniya Rads…i want every thing to be utilized properly .Its only make up which makes me splurge.. and hey ofcourse i don mind u putting a link …because yur mask is like a spa for me…i didnt expect it to be so good..try it after doing cleansing ..u will feel a magical glow:)

  3. Hey! Anks, as you know I made this green tea toner yesterday.. I read online in reviews that some people complain tht this makes their skin brown.. has it happened with you? Just asking.. 😀 😀

  4. thanks for the very easy peacy face relaxing method….plz if u can give some gud remedy for dark circles, I am 30 yrs old n hv heavy dark circles which makes me look dull n old..I hv tried so many things bt after some time it again comes.


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