Green Tea WAX- Hip-Hop Hair Removing Wax Strips Review


Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips (Green Tea)

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Today I’d be reviewing Hip Hop Wax Strips in Green tea, what should I call a shade/ flavor or what 😛 ?? hahaha, anyways the time these handy strips were introduced in India, we all were too much excited 😀 They felt like a big relief as compared to the traditional wax strips and the old waxing style. The first strips I used (apart from the regular one’s) was Veet Wax Strips. So lets see how good these are

Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips (Green Tea) Review+wax how to remove hair

Hip -Hop Hair Removing Wax Strips (Green Tea Claims) Claims:-

Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips (Green Tea) Review+easy hair removal

  • Price : MRP 60/-

The strips come packed nicely inside a cardboard packing, inside which the strips are housed inside a plastic packet along with the after depil towel, and they also provide a card on which all the important details are listed.

Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips (Green Tea) Review+hair removal made easy

Now first of all, there are total 12 single strips, i.e 6×2 pre coated strips, that stick to each other. They’re supposed to be rubbed inside your palm so that the wax melts a bit and and loosen up in order to peel them off each other. I usually rub the strips keeping them between a towel, that provides enough heat to the strips so that i don’t struggle while separating them. Anyways, the first time I used a set of these strips, that was in either December or January, and the strips weren’t warm enough, and while I attempted to separate them, the wax from either of the strip got removed, so in that ways I was left with only one working strip. Moving on, I recently used them, and dared enough to show you all the before and after image of my arm and leg 😛 and my experience with these in summers and in general is as follows :-

  • Since it is summers, the strips got easily warm and were easy to peel. Saying that, they were easy enough to be used on arms, legs. The strips removed the hairs from the area, where it was applied. Please note that their claim of “reusable- can be used 3-4 times” doesn’t works well, as the wax on the strip isn’t enough to be worked on for 3-4 times, they work best only once.
  • They’re extremely handy in emergency times when you have to retouch any small hair growth (not tiny growth; something which isn’t full growth).
  • They work best on smaller regions, I wouldn’t recommend these to be used solely on full legs, trust me it would be a very long session, also you would waste a lot of these strips.
  • I personally like using them for underarms, as the area is small, and it was the first time I did my underarms using these and it was entirely hassle free. Before that I always thought that doing one’s own underarms is an impossible thing.
  • They provide an after depil towel, which is like a scented wipe/tissue soaked in some sort of oil which helps in making the skin soft and smooth, also it acts like astringent, it doesn’t stings :yes: but it doesn’t removes the after-wax stickiness.

Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips (Green Tea) Review+hair removal

Hope you all can see that these work like any wax strip, but are hassle free in terms of spilling of wax here and there. Though these can’t be replaced for the waxing we usually do, and also they pain the same way. These are best to be used on smaller regions, and in times when you don’t have time to go to parlor, and I always make sure to keep a backup of these strips.:)

Have you used Hip-Hop Hair removing Wax Strips  with Green Tea?

Godbless ! :-*

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  1. ok there is a wipe provided but alas same sad story as veet. the wax doesn’t come out easily…. even after a bath like veet syrips …even hip hop leaves little wax here and there. Thats the only draw back of a ready made strip. Normal wax comes out immediately with a wet towel. I only use them for my upper lip.

    As for waxing underarms…well u gotta be careful unless you are an expert…u could get severe ingrowths if not pulled in the right direction. cause it grows in 2 directions actually. so stick to a professional to avoid any problems…

  2. vry nice review Upasana!:D i hv dese in strawberry but d prob is dey leave a lot of wax which’s a real pain 2 get out:(

  3. Morning Chris 🙂 Thanks for appreciating 🙂 i do agree the wax doesn’t comes off easily.. its a pain to get rid of it.. and i do my underarms easily with a pair of these 😀 before that i was always freaked out to get my underarms done at parlor :giggle:

    • hahaha i know 😛 every single money matters to us, but company doesn’t understands naa 🙁 thats y don’t rely on these for fulll fulll wali waxing 😛 i keep these for touch-ups 😉 😛 😛

  4. Badhia hai…i can use these for underarms ! I dont want to use the creams anymore..was looking for something better..thanks Upsi for the great review.

  5. ooh! u kno i cant even use veet! after a single use they r practically useless 🙂 i wan atry these tho…so handy na?

  6. wow dese r real handy upsi..never tried waxing at home..too sacred to do myself 😀 but will try dese out for sure :hug-makeup: :-*


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