Grey Hairstyles You Must Check Out


Grey Hairstyles You Must Check Out

Going grey does not mean you are growing old. For age is just a number, and ageing is a state of mind. So a few grey hairs should never put your spirit down. Learn to welcome the new change and accept it with grace. For you can always sport those silver locks with pride and grace.

grey hair styles you must check out

Grey hair can be styled in a various ways depending on the texture of your hair and the length of hair. Grey hair styles actually look more dignified somehow. You can sport bangs, but keep it well trimmed and preferably keep them to one side.

If you want to keep them short, you can go for the classic bob or pixie, but just keep them edgy and sassy. Keep them gelled with side parting.

If you have medium length grey hair, in that case you can try and add texture by layering them up.

Classic Messy Bob

classic bob

Bob cut is and will remain a classic. In this hair style you don’t have a parting on any particular side, the hair is kept looking a bit messy, but not uncombed or unkempt.

Feathers and curls

feathers and curls

A great style for medium length hair where you have sharp reverse feathers and flicks in the front, which kind of blends into soft curls in the ends.

Messy Curls

messy curls

Those with short hair, but not the short bob cut length short, you can always go for the springy loose curls. But no need to be really neat and clean about it. Just keep it natural. This gives a very happy go lucky look to the face.

Chin Length Bob

chin length bob

This creates a very sophisticated neat look. And thus it is preferred by most women. A neat side parting is the perfect way to wear this style.

Layered Bangs

layered bangs

This style really accentuates the features of the face. For this hairstyle one needs to have a length which is neither short nor medium, but somewhere in between. This is a rather comfortable length to have and the style makes it more convenient. No need of tying up an yet the hair remains set and looks sexy and suave.

Fringy layers

fringy layers

If you happen to have absolute poker straight hair. Then go layers, which will add some volume to your layer, and ask your stylist to give you fringes at the end. And if you happen to have a forehead you want to hide, then in that case, you can have fringed bangs and side part your hair. Or may be go for front fringes. This style lends a very contemporary look to the face, plus obviously looks adorable.

Pixie cut


Nothing can look more cute yet bold like a choppy pixie cut on grey hairs. This is a great style for those with thick straight hair. Plus it is rather low maintenance.

Tapered Side and Back

tapered side and back

If you want to cut your hair really short yet keep the look stylish. Then this cut is definitely for you. For in this cut the length on the middle of the head is kept a little longer than the sides and the back. And the hair on the middle can be styled n spikes. It gives a modern confidant look to the face.

Cut it short or keep it long, always wear the greys with confidence and pride. Nothing can beat that.

So which hairstyle do you want to try?

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