Grey Lenses On Indian Brown Skin Tone – Freshlook Colorblends Gray Lenses


Freshlook Colorblends Gray Lenses

Hi Everyone! Today, I am going to share my review on the Freshlook Colorblends Gray lenses that I recently got for myself after much apprehension. I actually was unsure about these so consulted my friend if I could try the lenses. On her consent, I tried these, though I am still unsure if these suit me well. Frankly, I do not think lenses suit me as I already have big eyes and with these lenses my eyes look even bigger.

I had tried contact lenses earlier as well and my experience was definitely not good. You could actually surf the blog to know why :P. Those lenses looked scarier on me and I actually lost my interest in these lenses post that. But when my friend insisted and I also got influenced from these convincing advertisements, I thought to give it a try yet again. Though this time the experience is a lot better and these are not making me look very scary. ๐Ÿ˜€

contact eye lenses

When I am wearing them, these are totally comfortable. I do not feel any itchy feeling or they are not hurting me either. These are pretty soft on my eyes and look good to be worn for longer hours. I think the pack suggests that these are wearable for 10-12 hours which I feel is a validated point for me now.

I ordered these through Nykaa although I still feel Lenskart is a better option to order from since they are expert sellers of contact lenses. Plus they know how to package the order well. Well, I am saying this because I did not receive any lens case with my order which is a little weird. I actually am not too sure till now that why wasn’t I provided with a complimentary lens case! Although I am aware is always accompanying the lenses from any other seller. Initially, I was of the opinion that it is an obvious attachment but now I know that it is not. ๐Ÿ˜€

Grey Lenses On Indian Brown Skin Tone

Having seen yourself in a different eye color is a little surprising for oneself for a few minutes and it takes some time for others also to adjust your appearance in a new avatar. Same happened with me as both me and my family took a little time to adjust to my new eye color. The best part that my experience with them tells me is that these are better for long time use or when you know that you would not have time to replenish your lenses. You should not rely on other lenses which pop out once their rule of thumb of 7-8 hours gets over.

freshlook colorblend lenses FOTD
A little thing about the price as well is something on my mind. These are pretty expensive at INR 900 as compared to other lenses. There are other colors available in this brand which range from INR 450-900 but colored lenses are overpriced to their other counterparts from different brands. This is a little concern for me. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with the performance of these lenses as these are too soft. They make me forget that I am putting on lenses after only a few seconds.

This color, gray is also a little bit of mismatch for my dusky complexion I believe. There are more options that I would definitely like to try like brown, hazel etc. which are more suitable to warmer skin tones. For fair skin toned people, this is a good option to try for sure.

P.S – You can see how they look on me in this video of mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Do give me your feedback on this.

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  1. I use them too.Earlier i used to have their 3 months disposable ones.But nowadays if available i prefer those once a day disposable ones in pack of 5 or 6.They are the most affordable brand too among others available.Once i picked sterling grey, bluish-grey and they looked so beautiful in photos.


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