Guava Leaves & Benefit Of Using Them


Guava Leaves & Benefit Of Using Them

Guava leaves are a multi-faceted medicinal, anti-allergic treatment plant which is historically known. It is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a useful natural herb. I remember how my grandfather used to give me hot water with guava leaves to gargle whenever I had tonsils and overnight it used to work like magic on me.

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To me, it meant a treatment I enjoyed as the gargling also meant a bout of freshness. Also, we used to eat guava leaves with sugar as a Paan that ensured health benefits which we never knew but our grandfather said it to be the best paan one could ever have and live longer.

Guava leaves have found usability in health, skin and hair care which is like a universal treatment for everyone. Let’s see how it works for us in our routine life.

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Guava leaves for Health

Regarding health, you will be astonished to know the benefits of incorporating these leaves in your routine. Using these leaves for tonsils was just a fraction of the total benefits.
These leaves are very good to treat Prostate cancer or enlargement. They help purify your lungs and puff out the prostate enlargement. Chewing these leaves directly or drinking strained water boiled with guava leaves can be beneficial for those who are not well.

Guava leaves also aids in weight loss and diabetics as well. Guava leaves help in breaking the carbs to be absorbed by the body well leading to weight loss and it helps in diabetics by controlling and keeping the insulin in the body in right quantities.

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Drinking guava leaves tea is also helpful in controlling the LDL or cholesterol from the body. It is also very good for controlling digestive system of the body. It is also known to be good in curing dengue fever by keeping the platelets increasing.

Guava Leaves for Skin


Guava leaves can be very beneficial for the skin as they can effectively control the production of acne. Applying mashed guava leaves on the skin helps destroy the bacteria that causes acne and helps reduce the black spots as well.

Blackheads also are very effectively reduced by these leaves. These leaves can be blended and crushed to be used as an exfoliator over the affected area for maximum benefits.
It is also good to work on itching.

Guava Leaves for Hair

Guava leaves are also beneficial for the hair. If you use it apply cold guava tea on your scalp and massage, you will stimulate the roots and open the clogged hair leading to hair growth. It can also prevent hair fall by making your roots stronger.

With so many benefits and no side effects at all, I think guava leaves should account for maximum consumption by us during the day. Multiple benefits from head to toe make it the best choice instead of spending numerous amount of money on doctors and medicines. If we use it daily in some form or the other, we are sure to be achieving a good health, a good skin and good hair for ourselves.

Do note that these are only some of the benefits that I have listed here while there could be many more benefits which can be done to prevent our body.

You can even make Guava leaves tea..Check the video below to know more about it

Do you know any other way of using Guvava leaves?

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