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Post By Priti,

Here am back again with perfume review and this time of Gucci Envy. A product which can make others envy for sure :). This perfume it’s quite long, I really don’t remember when I got it but then it’s with me and going to finish soon 🙁 but then it was good so I used up almost the full bottle right and this is one of very few Gucci product I used so that makes is special.

Gucci Envy Eau De Toilette Perfume Review,

  • Product ~ Gucci Envy Eau De Toilette
  • For ~ Women
  • Price ~ SGD 86 OR around INR 3400 for 100ml
  • Product Claim ~ NA
  • How to use ~ Spray on or walk over perfume.

My Experience with Gucci Envy Eau De Toilette

Gucci Envy comes in a transparent Glass tall square bottle with a metal cap as Gucci is know for it’s square design bottles, Gucci Envy was released in 1997 Dan from then on Gucci has released Envy Me, Envy Me 2, etc and the new bottle are more fancy but personally I still like this one as it’s elegant.

Gucci Perfume Review

The transparent glass bottle allows to see the perfume green/olive colour liquid.  The bottle looks solid and stable but when you actually hold the bottle it seems to feel more fragile.

Gucci Envy has  top note of magnolia, heart note of lily of the valley and base note of jasmine.  Created by the famous perfumer, Maurice Roucel it represents his tradition of creating smells of flowers, meadows and forests. Using nature in his entire range Gucci Envy is a floral perfume full to the brim of the warm yet light green scents, you have to be a floral fan to really appreciate the great mix this perfume has.


perfume eau de toilette+Gucci Envy Eau De Toilette Perfume review

As soon as the perfume is sprayed you get an instant hit of sweet almost bitterness. The soft floral almost gives you a slight metallic aroma. The initial crispness is more of lemon, after 5 minutes the perfume settles itself into deep forest smell, it’s musky but still keep the floral aroma floating around. Crisp, Green and sharp the fragrance only needs one or two sprays or it will become over powering so one spray is enough. More than day this perfume makes a good evening wear, a classic perfume but still fits into the modern floral category.

The stay on power is not much though around 3-4 hours. Overall it’s a good perfume with nice fragrance, as you can see I have finished this bottle too just can use one or two more times.

What I do not like Gucci Envy Perfume


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t stay long.
  • 2-3 sprays and makes it overwhelming.
  • Rating -4/5

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  1. Oh god Priti!! Uv described it so well, i feel lke rushing out t buy it! I dont think ive ever read a perfume ka description this vivid… :clap-n-jump:

  2. Hi Priti,

    Nice Review…I own this perfume. I bought it after having read nice reviews about it. At the store where I tested, it felt really great. But after I started using it, I realized, the fragrance is really strong one me and gives me a headache every time I use it. Same with my sister. Such a pity, because I was expecting a lot when I bought it and spent so much on it. I finally gave it to my grand mom and even when she uses it I find I cannot sit with her for long. 🙁

    • Hi d, this might be because u find floral fragrance does happen to many of us na..some fragrance gives headache 🙁

      • Well Ana & Zara,

        Initially it smells really nice & light – citrusy floral, but once it settles down, it becomes heavy. I think its a combination of the metallic undertones mentioned by Priti, along with the musk and some woody notes that gives me the throbbing headache…even one spray..but then I am quite sensitive to certain combinations of smells. So I have learnt two things from this – never buy a 100 ml bottle on a whim. Buy 30ml or 50 ml. Or the best, try and get a sample, use it for two or three times and when you are sure buy it. :-).

  3. Anu, 1st thing 1st ….It’s not Gucci Envy ME …but only Gucci Envy ….envy me is the later product Gucci introduced, so you might want to change the name?

    2nd I totally agree with you writing a perfume review is so damn tough I break my head like anything and take weeks to write one review 🙁 glad that you gals liked it.

    @D, I totally understand what you mean …tht’s why I said in the review 2-3 times that this perfume can be overwhelming. So have to use only 1-2 spray more than that can we may not like it.

    @Zara, hope my reply to D answer your query.


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