Guide To Beautiful Feet This Season


Guide To Beautiful Feet This Season

Your hands and feet are reflection of yourself and well groomed feet and hands contribute a lot to your overall appearances. We all pay attention to our face; scrubbing, cleaning, toning, moisturizing, and what not. But, we often forget that the rest of our body needs pampering too and taking care of them always takes a backseat.

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But it is very essential to take care of our hands and feet, especially feet, because they are more prone to get dirty and to fungal and bacterial infections.

Beach Feet

Winter is already here and so it is high time we start taking care of our feet. We all lead a very busy and hectic life and pampering ourselves on a daily basis isn’t always possible. So today I’ll be discussing some quick and easy ways through which you can take care of your feet and flaunt flawless, smooth feet even in winters.

Clean feet, happy feet

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Pedicure is a great way to pamper your feet by keeping them clean and healthy. Moreover, easy and effective pedicure procedures at home help you pamper your feet without costing a bomb. Soak your feet, scrub gently (after soaking your feet, it is also essential to use a good scrub in order to remove the dry and rough skin) and clean your cuticles at least once a week. But that doesn’t mean you will not take care of them the rest of the days. Wash your feet every day before going to bed. If you don’t have time to soak, just use with mild soap and water to clean them. Don’t forget to remove your nail polish and trim nails whenever necessary. Leave your toe nails bare for at least a whole day. Let your nails breathe.

Avoid hot water

Prolonged exposure to hot water washes away the natural oils our skin excretes which help in keeping skin soft and naturally moisturized. So use lukewarm water when washing your feet.

No harsh soaps

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Most of the soaps contain harsh chemicals. Excessive use of soaps can also make skin dry by removing the natural oils. So use a mild shampoo when washing your feet.

Intense moisturisation

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Deep moisturization is the key to baby soft feet. Your feet need thicker cream than other parts of the body, so choose a cream that is on the heavier side. I love Boroline. You can choose any cream which is thick and provides intense moisturization. You can use oil too. Just massage for 5 minutes or until the oil/cream soaks into your skin completely. Oil works wonder to reduce and release strain. For extra pampering, you can add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to your cream or oil. Layer up your bare nails with thick cream, message and again layer up.

Lock the Moisture

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Dry skin is a very common problem faced by us, and the chilly winters make it even worse. Also dry air is one of the common reasons for dry skin, especially during the winters. Dry air pulls away the moisture from the skin and leaves the skin looking dull and lifeless. Low temperature, low humidity and strong and harsh winds worsen the skin condition. So wear your pair of cosy socks in winters after moisturizing. It will keep your feet soft and crack free.

See, nothing very complex. Start taking care of yourself from today and ward off winter woes. Pampered feet are beautiful feet.

Have you tried these easy tips for happy feet?

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