Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash


Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash

Hello gorgeous ladies, How about a review of the all natural face wash?

Natural face washes make me really happy. I received the Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash in the Envy Box, May edition. I have used this Face wash for more than a week now and I feel that it is right time to review it now. Continue reading to know more.

About Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash:

Gulnare Handmade Skincare

Seaflo Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that hydrates, softens, and invigorates the skin. Cucumber cleanses and refreshes while extracts of wheatgerm, and grape seed oil calm and sooth. Add a touch of aqua scent to that and you’re transported straight to the beach! Ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin.

Directions For Use: Use daily for skin that looks and feels fresh, smooth, and healthy.

Net Wt: 120 ml

Price: INR 350

face wash

Packaging: The face wash comes in a sleek transparent bottle and has a silver colored cap that screw opens. I am not very fond of the packaging as it really is very clumsy to screw open the cap and use the face wash. I would have rather appreciated a packaging with dispensing hole in it and a flip open cap.


Gulnare Handmade Skincare texture

It is thick creamy tinted face wash that lathers well and rinses easily without leaving any residue.

My Experience with Gulnare Handmade Skincare

Gulnare Handmade Skincare colorz

I am really very fond of natural skin care products and this face wash too did not fail to impress me.

I have dry skin and this face wash was well suited for my skin type. This face wash lathers up very well, cleanses my skin really well and did not leave my skin stretched out unlike many other face wash. My face really feels refreshed post its usage.
I honestly have no complains with this face wash and will give it a permanent place in my kitty, but the packaging still gets a low score from me.

What I Like About Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash?

  • Lathers up very well.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Keeps
  • face squeaky clean.
  • Leaves a calm and soothing effect.
  • Does not dry out the face.
  • Has a soothing aroma.
  • Good for dry to normal skins.

What I Don’t Like About Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash?

  • Clumsy packaging.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend?:  My rating speaks it all. If you someone with dry to normal skin then you must definitely get this face wash. Oily skinned lasses can give this face wash a pass.

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