Habib Serum Hair Review


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  • What The Hair Care Product Claims : Makes hair smooth and lustrous.Suitable for dry, curly and treated hair.
  • Size: 50 ml
  • Price: 140/-
  • Ingredients: No list is given and I couldn’t find anything on the internet.


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How to use the hair serum  – Take few drops in hand , then apply on damp hair.I have used matrix biolage serum which I absolutely loved. It worked wonders to my hair and this serum ruined it all.


What I liked about Habib Serum


  • Its priced reasonably
  • The  packaging is sturdy so no risk of spillage.


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What I do not liked about Habib’s Hair Serum


  • Its not easily available
  • The consistency is very thick so it doesn’t spread easily
  • It makes hair limp and sticky
  • The smell is weird.
  • It doesn’t do what is expected of a serum. That is make the hair shiny, bouncy etc
  • The hairstylist at the salon told me that it turns hair white. (eeehheeewww…)

The verdict: this serum only has Habibs name. That’s it. I am so going back to my matrix biolage serum, which is simply awesome.

Have you tried any of the Habib’s product?

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  1. ohh so sad i think think Habib is only good for haircuts and not so good for hair products…but i’m yet to try the Matrix hair serum,, where can i find it in Chennai any idea??

  2. eeeh.. ive used this.. its still lying around here,.. infact it makes my hair sticky :no: :sick:
    and biolage one is also a lil heavy on the hair.. i think the loreal one is the best.. i have the white bottle.. i think – liss ultime.. and i ve to get a new bottle :yes: :yes: 😀


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