Interesting posts this week on WiseShe: Hacks , Maybelline brows, LA Girls Eye Shadow


Interesting posts this week on WiseShe

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Today I am here to share yet another interesting weekly post for our voracious readers who want to have a quick glimpse of the most interesting product reviews on WiseShe. Wish you all a happy Sunday

So, let’s have a look at the most interesting product reviews from WiseShe.

Makeup Hacks for Protruding Eyes

This is a lovely post by Anamika on the acclaimed beauty of a woman’s eyes and it is definitely worth praise.

makeup protuding eyes

Since ages there have been various poetries, movie dialogues around a woman’s eye, specifically for big protruding eyes. The inner beauty of the woman is reflected in the beautiful eyes of a woman. So it becomes essentially necessary for you to do makeup for your eyes are big and protruding and do justice to the beauty bestowed to you by the creator! Scroll down to learn the hacks mentioned below and look like a diva every day!

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon Pomade Photos & Swatches

maybelline brow drama crayon pomade packaging

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon is the first product picked up to try from Anamika’s US shopping haul. She loves doing brows and somehow she had the feeling that this one will be a good fit.

After all who does not want to get those dark curvy eyebrows? I am sure it is every girls dream .So below in this section of the blog read about Maybelline New Brow Drama Crayon Pomade and see its swatches. Tempted!!Try it on!

LA Girls Eyeshadow Collection Nude Photos & Swatches


This week we brought to you watches super LA Girls Nudes Eye shadow Collection which has variety of nude colours. This palette has awesome shades which every girl would love to have and can use everywhere from parties to office.

LA Girls is a good and decent brand to go for. Covering almost all the cosmetics, it has good brand value and experts vouch for in the makeup industry. So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down to explore more!!

20 Liquid Lipsticks Which You Must Check Out

Lipsticks!! Just irresistible!! It compliments my looks and is an add-on to my glamorous look.  A must have for me all day. Get ready to know the best of the liquid lip colours to choose and swipe on your favorite lipsticks in vivid colours that just won’t quit!! Let the lips do all the talking- from the shades of pink, nudes, peach, to the luscious reds. We have it all here, for you!!

Apply one and know it for self!! Overall, I think the liquid lippies is a total steal for all you lippie lovers. You have got to try it! I am sure my quick notes on the shades, will help you better to make your choice. Let me know which your favourite is!

Try these lovely make up and self care tips and experiment on self. It is a fast ticket to get known as the WOW woman.

10 Easy and Quick Friday Hairstyles You Can Try Today

Friday, A perfect day to relax and chill out with the weekend just a day away! Friday is the day most awaited for by most of us. It is usually the day we all want to party harder and then wake up late the next day, relax and spend the weekend without any mental pressure.
Fridays are definitely a boon to dress as offices and corporate houses also permit casual dressing which means a person is totally relaxed and can definitely try some experimentation with looks. This week we brought to you quick hairstyles which you can do on Fridays and look like a rockstar ready to party. So try on styles and explore what looks the best on you!

So these were some of the exciting new reviews we had this week on WiseShe. I will be back again with a bang with loads to of interesting posts and products again! Stay tuned for more! Wish you guys a fun weekend!!

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