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Don’t ask a woman why she collects hairbands (cosmetics/shoes). You will simply be disappointed for there is no specific answer to that question :P.Ever since I can remember I have always been the girl with long hair in  balloon frocks with puffed sleeves and a hairband. Now i’m in my early 20 s, i still have long hair,goes gaga over puffed sleeves and still hasn’t stopped collecting hairbands 🙂

Hairbands does to me what “eyeshadow’s ” does to Anamika (Wise She :)). They make my knees feel like jelly and somehow i must have them haha. So this post is alllll about hairbands hairbands and more hairbands .

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Ummmmmmm…… (long pause…..)

Because i’m trying to think of atleast 10 girl s who don’t watch Gossip Girls :P. And ooops i can’t come up with even 5! And yes !don’t we all love Blair waldorf and her signature style of hairbands?No one does romantic better than her ….(drools…*)

ORIGIN- history has it that hairbands have been in circulation dating back as far as 475 B.C-330 BC in the ancient Greece. Initially they were wreaths made of olive branches. Gradually through the passage of time ,they became modified . With the arrival of the 1960’s and the manifestation of the hippy-era, headbands became a popular hair accessory for both women and men alike; while flower-power youth made their headbands out of wild flowers, ribbons, silk, and scarves.

In the 1990’s the headband would undergo a transformation yet again. Designers began to take the headband as a serious fashion accessory and began creating headbands that were both elegant and fashionable. Over a decade and a half later, as celebrities took notice of these new and improved headbands, they not only began to wear them but they also lent their famous locks in promotion of them.   

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Okay enough about the history  :p

A hairband can make any simple dress look elegant and chic. sometimes when i run out of options what to wear for a date i just put on a floral vintage dress and a cute bow hairband. Or when i’m attending a party in LBD and i feel underdressed for the occasion i put on my crystal studded hairband (my aunt got for me from Bangkok) and behold!! I am ready to catch on the world. It also help to keep flyaway hairs from my face when i’m working in the hospital.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have short , long, straight or curly hair . Hairbands can fix any bad hair day (believe me …:)), it also makes you look 5 years younger hehe (isn’t that a bonus?)

TIPS FOR CHOOSING HAIRBAND- becareful while choosing the hairband you wear. You wanna look Lolita kinda chic but not end up like a clown. If you’re wearing printed tops or dress, wear a simple hairband in solid color according to your dress. However if you’re wearing a plain dress ,you can go craaazzyyyy with your hairband prints –polka dotted hairbands, Scottish checked , florals, crystals ,big bows, lacey ones etc etc (your options are endless)

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From its ancient and humble beginnings in the rustic terrain of the Mediterranean, to the heads of Roman emperors and commoners alike, the transformation of the headband is astounding. Not only is it a fashion accessory, the headband has become a staple in the fashion industry. Just like every other accessory ranging from shoes to purses, the headband has become a fashion trend all its own. And its my honour to show you all my collection J . and don’t forget to go grab some hairbands the next time you go shopping :).

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  1. I luv wearing headbands too!! but i canneva mange t carry off the wider ones…..only the thin ones..

    btw, u luk soooo cute!!! and m in luv with ur studded headbands…so pretty and feminine..

  2. Ummm I don’t watch Gossip Girl but I love love love hair bands and even I have been wearing them from my frock wearing, short hair with a fringe days 😀 😀

  3. Woww…childhood memories.. i wore hairbands thru out my skool days.. My mom never allowed me to grow my hair and as soon as it did she used to cut it short! 😛

    I especially liked the cloth hairbands! colorful ones.. nice review..! 😀 :-))

  4. cute ones phila…. i luvd the polka dots, bow ones and the pearl one too.. 🙂 a refreshing post tat took all of us back to our cute-in-a-frock days 😀


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