Hair Anti-Ageing And How To Tackle It


Hair Anti-Ageing And How To Tackle It

Gray hair, dullness, fragile and thinning strands, is this you are going through? Well, ageing has set in for you and apart from skin, it does affect your hair, hope you know that! You need to act on it immediately and be aware that this will only go bad, if not paid heed to. So what can be done about it apart from hair color? One needs to be very careful in taking good care of your hair now as these are more fragile once you attain a certain age. Since you are already seeing signs of hair ageing, you should begin immediately.

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Change your Shampoo

The basic change you could do to save your hair is certainly to change your shampoo to moisturizing and color-protecting one which will ensure least damage. This is because after a certain age, our roots become more vulnerable and hair become less strong to face the thrust with the chemicals in shampoos. We must ensure a change in shampoo as and when the need arises.

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Also, do reduce the quantum of shampoo used as it may also cause danger to your roots leading to hair fall etc. which you cannot afford at this juncture. Try and use some low pH shampoo as these are not very harsh on your hair and scalp and they effectively control the oil that is created on the scalp which makes the roots shut down leading to hair loss and low hair growth.

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Do not comb wet hair

This is a big blunder we make to our hair by combing them when wet. We should avoid it as the hair are most fragile and fall off when we comb them or even dry them with a towel. Let them dry on their own and we should only comb them either when they are damp or when we are still in shower with conditioner on them.

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Avoid too much use of Hair dryers

When you already are facing thinning strands of hair, you must avoid using heating treatments like dryers, straightening rods etc. If it is still necessary, reduce the temperature as this directly hampers the scalp and weakens the hair by their roots.

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Avoid Hair products with alcohol

Since you are using hair color, you should avoid any product with alcohol. This is to ensure that your hair color stays safe and alcohol does not react to the chemicals used in hair colors. Try and use SPF products to save your hair and color from the heat.

Do not tie your hair too tight

Since they are now more fragile and brittle, do not go for tight braids or pony tails too tight. Go for some style where your hair can breathe and be free of falling off.

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Age is just a number and it does not stop us from looking beautiful. And we are giving you fighting back tips which prevent more damage than is already done by age. The good news is that you can still style yourself, use hair colors, use dryers etc. but change the products. Hope you now know how to save and secure your hair from the hair damage further. Thinking about age can only make you age quickly. But thinking positively and giving it back with judicious use of stuff and things is what the need of the hour is.

Have you tried these tips to tackle hair ageing?

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