Hair care during monsoon season for all types of hair


When our hair gets wet in monsoon it looks quite seductive and sexy but if  wet every now and then because of rain then it can encourage hair scalp problem.This is because rain with humid weather  promotes bacteria and fungus on our scalp.This can result in various hair trouble such as hair loss, lice, dandruff, boils etc.

 Below are some remedies which can help you out

1.Do not leave your hair wet in this season or tie a not when they are wet.This encourage dandruff.If you are in hurry then it is better to blow dry your hair rather then tieing them wet.
2.To avoid hair fall and frizzy hair give hot oil massage to your hair.Best oil to use this time is olive oil with some vitamin E capsules.
3.During the monsoon season oily hair become limps and require lot of shampooing.To reduce oil from scalp apply lemon juice for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. This is quite an popular an effective remedy for oil free scalp. Do not go out under the sun after apply lemon juice as this can change your hair color.
4. Those with normal or frizzy hair can apply paste of mashed mango and mint.This will make their hair smooth and shiny.
5.Banana is one of the popular remedy for dry hair during monsoon.Mashed 2-3 bananas and add 1tbsp. of honey in it.Apply the paste on your scalp or hair and let it stay for 10-15 minutes.Rinse it off with any shampoo .This will make dry hair soft and shiny.
6.Go slow with hair gels and other styling products and avoid perming , straightening etc.
7.Condition your hair with yogurt and egg .This give strength to your hair and is a natural conditioner too.
8.If you are having boils problem during this season then use shampoo which has Betadine AD twice or thrice a week.
Hair fall and hair scalp problem in this season are a temporary phase and you just need little care to over come them or to avoid them.

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