Hair care for those who blow dry hair frequently

You dont need to spend thousands on hair spas or on hair conditioning. All the hair conditioners are right there in your kitchen its just that you have to know them and understand how they will benefit you hair and make them soft and shining.

Below are popular herbal remedies for your hair which are inexpensive and can be used any day to make you hair beautiful, shiny and soft.

1.Mash a banana into a smooth puree and coat your hair and scalp with it. Let it stay for about fifteen twenty minutes and shampoo it off. The potassium present in the bananas will provide nutrition to your hair and help in soothing dry hair. Regular application will provide luster and body to your hair and will make them soft too.
2Use Mayonnaise to condition your hair if you use chemical to color your hair. Just take one cup of mayonnaise(plain mayonnaise) and apply it on your dry hair .Cover whole of your scalp and shampoo after 20 minutes. It will keep your hair nourished and will prevent them from damaging.
3. You can apply eggs also if you are into lot of blow drying or strengtheners. Take 3-4 eggs(according to the length ) and beat them nicely. Squeeze in one lemon juice so that you do not get irritated with the egg odor and apply it on your hair .Cover whole hair heavily and let it stay for half an hour. Wash your hair as usual with a shampoo.
All the above remedies can be used any number of times. They are completely herbal and will provide nourishment to your hair and cure all the damages.

Do you know any hair care tips for those who blow dry hair ?


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  1. Gr8 Tips.. U know i keep reading about these hair packs – but I am too scared to put anything other than oil in my hair.. I don't know why – just a phobia i guess.. But i am def getting the Fab india oil u recommended 😀


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