Hair Care Regime To Survive The Scorching Summer Season


Hair Care Regime To Survive The Scorching Summer Season

April has begun and it is officially the start of the scorching season of high mercury level in many parts of the country. While the skin care regime needs a break to get ready for the summer skin, it’s high time to start taking care of your luscious locks to survive in the coming season of roaring temperature, dusty winds and Sun.
So, this post focuses on the essential things which should be followed this season to maintain the health of your hair and save them from the disastrous changes in the climate.

Shampoo & condition every alternate day
hair care in heat

In summers the high temperature tends to make the scalp oily due to excess sweating and makes the scalp dirty by attracting dust & pollution, so, to avoid this make sure to wash your hair every alternate day in order to wash off dirt and sweat. Washing your scalp daily may wash off the natural scalp moisture which is needed to keep the hair follicles from breaking over so to deal with that, alternate day washing is advised by most experts.

Limit the use of heat treatments
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Summer season is already a tough time for taking care of hair and to reduce the chances of damage it is necessary to use heat treatments like straightening & curling on occasional basis. It is also necessary to limit the use of blow drying after head wash and make sure to change the setting to cool air if you are using blow dryer in summers.

Use a hair protecting serum
Hair care regime to survive the scorching summer season

It is also essential to keep your hair safe from the damaging effects of heat treatments like straightening & curling if you cannot manage your hair without these things. The use of heat protecting serums which are available in the stores is a must to ensure protection from the heat.

Avoid the exposure to chlorine water
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In summers, people enjoy swimming most of the times and it becomes a great workout for them which doesn’t leave them sweaty and tired. But the pool water is usually inclusive of the chlorine which is not a healthy constituent for hair. So, it should be made sure that you cover your hair with a shower cap before entering the pool or immediately wash off the chlorine after the swimming session is over.

Take special care of colored hair:-


colored hair care


It is also important to take proper care of colored hair as they are more sensitive to the changes in climate and other physical changes. Use a color protecting shampoo & conditioner for them.You can read Anamika’s post on how to take care of coloured hair here

Avoid direct sun exposure
hair care in sun
It is important to cover your tresses before stepping out as they affect the shade & texture of hair and make them more prone to damage. Wear a hat or cover with a scarf to save your scalp.

Avoid physical tension on your hair

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It is time to let your hair loose for most of the time so that the sweat produced dries naturally and causes fewer problems. Don’t tie your hair too tightly so that they tend to break from the roots. Avoid the use of elastic bands to tie your hair. Use hair pins to keep them in place.

Avoid combing wet hair

This is probably the most important thing to take care of in summers. Always let wet hair dry naturally and don’t use any comb before it has dried completely because wet hair are the weakest and break easily by simply combing.

What is your hair care regime to survive the scorching summer season?


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  1. Very useful post Iru. In summers everything look so difficult be it skin care or hair-care. Posts like this are really handy and useful in solving those problems indeed.


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