My Rapunzel Hair-care Secret


Since Vandana asked me in my previous post to share my hair care tips, So how could I leave this opportunity to write about my best feature …Honestly, Vandana you really saved my life, I was racking my brains literally to think about my next topic to review. And there you came like an “angel”.

So here it is …

Rapunzel hair and my hair care routine+hair care secrets Indian woman +Hair care tips

Right from my childhood days my hair was beautiful, thick, strong, healthy, jet black, shiny & straight.

I am truly blessed when it comes to hair and always been an object of envy as well as admired at the same time amongst my friends for having such lovely hair. Because they are natural and inherited by my mum 😀 😀

(Thank you, Mum! May god always give me you in every lifetime so that I inherit your hair) :*

Inspite of having good hair, My mom never took it for granted. She always kept telling me, you have to take care of your hair so that it remains the way it is. It was she who put me in the habit of oiling it regularly and trimming them time to time. And this might come like shocking news to you but whenever I asked her “Maa, How come my hair is so thick and healthy while my friends always complain about thin hair & hair fall”… She replies in a busy tone (like always) That’s coz I take you to the barber shop and not to the beauty parlor to cut your hair. YES… Girls! I see your jaw drop reaction, my mother always took me to a barber shop or used to call a barber home to cut my hair during my childhood days because she believed that they help in growing your hair faster and Also it avoids the *evil eye* of woman who are eyeing on my her in beauty parlors :P…lol.. Mum and her reasons I tell you 😛

But as I grew and life got stressful and other disastrous calamities to blame like dust, pollution, weather change, damage caused due to hair color etc etc took a toll over my hair and I started facing problems like hair fall, hair breakage, damage hair and what not and even started believing at a point of time that maybe just maybe I have been a target to people’s *evil eye* :O 😛

Since then I got even more careful with my hair and took an oath to bring back my beautiful hair back .

And hence below are the essential products that I swear by and which helped me a lot over the years to maintain HAPPY HEALTHY HAIR 😀

Essentials products for my hair care


1)      Fenugreek (Methi) Oil For Hair Care


fenugreek oil for hair loss+miracle hair loss products

Fenugreek Oil was introduced to me by my mother. When I told her that I am facing hair fall issues.

She advised me to regularly apply fenugreek oil and see the results in no time. I religiously applied it twice a week and trust me, since then I never looked back, it not only stopped my hair fall, it took care of my other hair problems like dandruff, hair thinning too.

To make fenugreek oil, boil the fenugreek seeds and allow them to soak in extra virgin coconut oil overnight. In the morning, put the seeds out and apply the coconut oil mixture to your scalp. Massage the oil into your hair and scalp for 5-10 minutes. Do this consistently for 3 months to see results.

2)      Olive Oil  for Hair 


          olive oil for hair+hair oil +hair care olive oil

This Oil has helped me a lot to cure my dry, damaged hair caused by hair coloring.

My hair literally was dead and I started losing the lustre and smoothness of my hair and it looked more like a “broom” L

Thank god for Olive oils 😀 . I apply olive oil and then go for shower; it’s the best hair treatment for damaged hair.

3)      Parachute hair scalp therapie –


 PARACHUTE hair scalp therapie+hair oil therapie

I have recently started using this product after Anamika’s post on Parachute’s hair revitaliser Oil and she is so right , this product has become my HAUL and a must have 😀

It really stops hair fall and helps in hair growth too. I also love the smell of this parachute. <3 unlike other hair oils 😛

4)      Hair conditioners For Hair 


l'oreal hair condtioner+L'oreal hair conditioners+hair care conditioners

Girls, Believe it or not, You have to use hair conditioners whether you have good hair or you don’t, If u have good and healthy hair and you use hair conditioners, BANG ON! You are on the right track, it will keep and maintain the beauty of your hair: D And if you have BAD hair, Hello! Which world are you in?? Haven’t you heard about what they say about using good conditioners? :O

I Swear by L’Oreal Absolut Repair Conditioner <3 Lately, when my long hair got damage due to hair color I realized oiling wasn’t enough and regular conditioner will not help much. I need something really effective. So I visited my hair expert at Enrich Beauty salon (very famous in Mumbai) where I asked him to advice me on a good hair conditioner which he thinks will be suitable for me. He strongly recommended L’Oreal Absolut Repair to me and I have blind faith on him as he has always suggested me the right products over the years J . I am still using this product and I simply love it. I didn’t find anything better after using this, So I guess I shall stick to it 😀

5)      Henna For Hair Care



Henna in hair care+Henna +hair conditioner+hair care+hair product reviews

I love putting Henna to my hair at days when I really want to pamper myself. I used the one for black hair. Henna makes my hair extra soft and smooth and jet shiny black. It’s as if it brings life to my hair.

Its nothing but a treat to my hair, which I give every 6months. And the sleep that I get after applying it to my hair is beyond explanation: D The smell of Henna instantly lifts my mood and spirits.  I am not into hair spa’s much, these are the home remedies that I use and absolutely love!

 I have a friend who is currently facing hair growth issues and she asked me the secret to my hair, I suggested the hair oils I used. She told me that she has been restricted to use hair oil by her hair doctor because he is from Australia and using hair oils for hair growth is not in their culture and neither recommended. Strange Ehh! :/ We Indians swear by hair oils and so lucky to have them 🙂

 Apart from this, I Believe one should use a good shampoo and conditioner and use only the one that suits them, because if you keep changing your products that’s when the problem of hair fall, dandruff etc emerges as rightly confirmed by my hair expert. Trim them regularly, avoid split ends and LOVE your hair, treat them right, It will love you back! J <3

 This is a sneak peek of my Rapunzel hair… I <3 MY HAIR  😀

Rebonded hair care routine+heena hair care routine +My Rapunzel Hair-care Secret


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  1. gr8 post erica :-* u have beautiful hair.. even i am bless wid gud hair(quantity wise :silly: ) but dey r dry kinda.. its recently tht i have started tking care of my hair n i can notice d difference n i too swear by olive oil 😀

    • Olive Oil is really good…Tulip! And good in the sense not only for hair but it is a MULTI PURPOSE Oil, i Knoew few ppl applying on their face and they are dry skin ppl. my sister she has super sensitive and acne prone skin still she applies olive oil to her face every night and sleep without getting any boils next day! Suprising to me! I can never do that, i got combination skin and afraid to try such stunts! 😛 😀

  2. Gorgeous hair you have Erica..touchwood!! I too am blessed with naturally straight and long hair but yeah due to pollution it has lost its texture and have become quite and frizzy..must try the methi seed oil..thank you!

  3. The min i saw the title of this post i knew it was ur post Erica… 😉 😉

    I am BMing this post….its gona be very helpful to me…

    I had a doubt tho…After boiling methi seeds, u throw away the water na? also…alot many ppl say that if u boil th eseeds then the main nutrients kinda get sucked out of the seeds…does it really?

    • @Zee – U have started to know me Already …Baby! Lyk it :yes: :-))

      I just asked my mom , she said Yes , u throw the water and if u want you can keep the methi seeds in the oil… So that the effectiveness remains. Also my mom said , even if u dont wana boil the methi seeds, simply put it in the virgin coconut oil and apply directly , That will work too!
      Hope that was helpfull 😀

      • how cud i NOT know u??? fuschia lips, lambe ghane baal… 😉

        Thanks so much for solving my query..actually, thanks to Aunty 😉 M gona try this…luckily for once i have all the ignredients needed for this, so i cant even be too lazy for this..

          • ahh i need to do tht..i do 1000 thing for my skin..but my bechara hair 😐 my mom keeps yelling at me “just bcoz of good genes which u got frm me u have so much hair intact on ur haiir otherwise i wld have been bald ” :silly: 😀 😀

              • my mom has given up..the min she makes me do something i dont do it….m too rebellious that way…even if i kno shes right! 😉

                • Zee…. Am saving this page!!! Wait till you become a mommy…and see how painful it is to realise that our kids seems to be sooooooo like us 😉 😉 🙂
                  Now that I am a mom and have a rebellious 1 yr old I STRICTLY listen to my mom 🙂 🙂

  4. Ur a doll n this post helps so much..I had long beautiful hair too but after baby lots of hair fall so now it is trimmed short 🙁 I am going to try ur tips especially the coriander seeds one today itself

  5. Ok, first I have to say I am J (:P Sorry), you have such gorgeous locks. Indeed a beautiful gal with beautiful hair 🙂
    I had nice hair during school days, till I was with my mom. Then Noida water took a toll on my hair for 4 years leaving behind nothing 🙁 and even Bangalore water is so hard and harsh + No time for hair care.
    Its not that I am complaining(which I am), but putting masks and henna at night will make you fall sick in Bangalore :(, but I am picking up the fenugreek tip and following it from today itself 😀

    Great article b/w 🙂

  6. LOL…I don blame U..divya! I have always been envied my ppl especially for my hair! 😉

    N I Feel for ur troubles.. water plays an imp role wen it comes to ur hair’s well being!

    But there is a solution for every problem! Hope it works 4 u..All the very best..Love! :-* 😀

  7. Thankyou for your kind words and this amazing are a sweetheart..:-* m going to follow all your tips..even my mother says the same evil eye thing..all mothers are just the same..:-)

    • Ur MOST WELCOME Vandana :-* 😀
      Absolutely right about Momma’s… U wont she is sooo crazy about this Evil eye thingy..that she doesnt let me go out with my Hair Open.. the moment i leave my hair open.. she will be like “tie ur hair now”
      .. n m like ..Ok mom! And as soon as I am out.. I leave my Hair open.. :rotfl: :dance-left-right:

  8. “Evil Eyes” & ‘Oaths to grow hair’ – This is like a total filmi post :D..

    The suggestions given are very good, esp the conditioner one. Most girls skip this step, or if they do use it a few times, they stop because they think the conditioner is causing hairfall (it actually detangles the hair and those strands which are already broken, wash out) or they apply it like oil all over their scalp & this makes their hair oily.

    And Erica you have beautiful hair 😀

    • @Tanveer – Me fulltoo “FILMY” & “DRAMA QUEEN” 😛 :chic: :blush:
      n ur soo right about the conditioners.. some girls dont know how to use it properly and end up applying like an oil :rotfl: .. Mind u ..girlies! One should apply conditioner starting from the middle of the hair to tip and NOT from you scalp. 🙂

  9. Gosh! dis beautiful gal has most beautiful hair! Dis fenugreek’s tip, em goin to try. I have vry frizzy hair and using curd and Patanjali’s Kesh Kanti Shampoo, tames them!!

  10. eeeeep..*Beautiful Hair*..(jealous).. and a very nice post..!

    i have a question..can i do that fenugreek seeds thingie in mustard oil..?

    • Ruchika – GO AHEAD! u Can use it with any oil..Mum’s confirmation..signed..sealed and ACCEPTED!
      JAI HO..MUMMAA KI! 😛 :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :yes:

  11. Wow!! erica FAB hair!!! absolutely FAB!
    I hav a doubt:
    Question is boil methi in water and remove from water and put in oil?? Or boil in oil and leave it overnight in oil??
    also what kind of oilve oil to use?? is there special olive oil for hair??

    • bol methi in water and remove from water and put it in oil But if u think the nutrients get lost after boiling them as rightly questioned by Zara ..U can simply put the methi in oil and let them stay in the oil and apply i the oil directly. :-))

      I used Olivio olive oil which is easily available in medical stores.
      There are olive oils which are meant for hair! 😀

  12. super duper hair u have Erica… some really useful tips from u in this review… thanku so much.. i too always hv had good hair… but never thick… 🙁

    • Pavani – U can simply put the methi seed in the coconut oil and apply it directly or also what u can do is…u can take some quantity of fenugreek oil in a bowl boil it n make it luke warm and apply it so that becomes ur hot fenugreek oil treat to ur hair. 😀 :yes: :tap-dance:

  13. Whoa! wonderful hair Erica…I loved the fenugreek oil tip, sounds pretty doable, just one question…I just bought Trichup hair oil today, can I add a handful of the seeds to it and use later?

  14. @Prachi – But u cant deny the fact that these barber’s had really helped our hair’s to grow thick…BARBER’s :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right: :yes: 😛

  15. hi i noticed you already clarified on throwing the water away for methi seeds, but could you explain how you make the methi oil, to you get methi to sprout, also if we put wet methi in coconut oil then will the oil spoil sooner. can u tell me the procedure of making methi oil.. pls pls..

    • Supriya! Simply put the methi in virgin coconut oil … and apply directly OR if u want u can boil the coconut oil and put methi in it and No dear.. methi doesnt spoil the oil.. I have been using it since years now :-))

    • @Upasana – U have to take my boyfriend’s permission for that.. He says “UR HAIR IS MY PROPERTY…THEY ARE MY HAIR”…He doesnt even allow me to trim my hair..even when i tell him I am gettin split ends..I have to …he will give me a *straight face* look…which explains…”dint u hear wat i just said”? No means no 😛 Crazzy he is! Finally now…after a very long time I got to trim my hair a bit.
      He still doesnt know 😛 :tap-dance:

  16. offf!!!!! hair care, m tired of taking care of my hair, i have very long and silky hair, till my knees, n i also apply olive oil, it’s just a wonder for hair..

    • Navneet! I am using DOVE’s Dandruff Theraphy Shampoo .. and it works great on Me. 😀 :yes:
      Try it! I guess it will work on u as well.. And yeah do wash ur hair 3 times a week… That will avoid dandruff from coming… Do NOT keep changing ur shampoo and conditioner every now and then coz its the root cause of all hair troubles like dandruff, hair fall etc.

  17. great hair erica, i have a problem of alopecia. nothing seems to work. will the fengreek oil help in treating the bald patch on my scalp. and which henna do u use. i have grey hair but the problem is using henna gives my hair a reddish tinge which i dont like. so plz tell me the brand od henna and what to mix in it.

    • @ Tanu – Well I dont think it will help in treating your bald patch, But still u can try the oil as it helps in hair growth and not expensive to try! Also, I use nikhar henna which is in black color makes my hair super black silky and soft! All the Best! 😀 :yes:

  18. Erica…. love your posts!! for some reason my comments are not reflecting on your Fuschia review 🙁
    You look really smokin hawtt!! And that lipstick suits to the Tee. Though I am chocolate skinned I wouldnt dare touch that color 😀
    Thanks for sharing your hair secret.. I am def trying the methi trick and also buying me a scalp therapie oil!

  19. @Malini – Thanks a ton! Babe… i loved and appreciate the fact that u followed me till here since u couldnt comment on my fuchsia lipstick review … 😀 :yes: :-* :hug-makeup:

    • Hi Navneet,

      Sorry for the late reply… I dint notice your comment… Well u can try… FRESH LOOK lenses , they are really good and safe.

      Pros n cons i l put up soon with the review 😉

      Just be careful while sleeping as you cannot with lenses on.
      Always keep ur lenses clean and sanitised it will go a long way.
      GREY is universal and u can start with it! Other colors i like is brown and greens! :-)) :yes:

  20. Awweee…. This is the kind of hair i want on my scalp….. Erica, u really have ‘logo ko apni aur kchichane waale baal’ , very b’ful 😀 Touchwood….. My mother and elder sister have hair like urs, …………….Mine is super curly, and very very really very thin hair…. I think i will go bald very soon ( :'( ), but one good thing is that its not sooo dry even though it is curly ……

    This fenugreek seed ‘Nuska’ is really our mommies and their mommies (hair’s) faithful friend.. 🙂 I think finnaly i will use this tip told by my Mom, Nani and now Erica… Thank you so much….. I really hope that i get few more new strands of hair after this… ( 😉 )…
    Really appreciate u all sharing such wonderful tips with us…. Thank you once again and keep posting…
    (Mwwaah).. <3

    • OMG…Shreyaa! Sorry for the late reply.. I actually never saw ur comment.. Thank u sooooo much..babe!
      Yes methi seeds wala method definitely works.. many of dem have tried that after this review..n most of dem have given me a positive feedback! :-)) :hug-makeup:

  21. Hey erica…..beautiful hair…..
    Which olive oil do you use…. and should i use these methi seeds with olive oil or coconut oil …
    Is mixing oils is gud enuf?
    Please reply .,.,I am getting married so i am gonna use your tips regularly ..

    • Hey varuna.. thanx a ton!

      mix fenugreek seeds with coconut oil and then apply and olive oil can be applied alone.

      Ya applying mixture of oils has proved to be beneficial!

      All the best and congratulations on ur wedding! :-))

    • No never.. Piyaa! If ur currting ur hair short will it grow???? dont cut it..instead keep oiling them..also try this oil call bhringraj hair oil its useful for hair growth and reduction of hair fall :-))

  22. ok i wl not cut my hair short….i am really worried due to hair fall.. shifted to mumbai in may n my hair problem started.. what do do?

    • its common in Mumbai.. the stress, water, polllution takes a toll over us.

      I am from Mumbai too… just keep piling ur hair regularly with bhringraj hair oil..

  23. Lovely hair…….I took my hair for granted…………now am suffering with multiple hair problems,loreal doesn’t suit at all I get a hair fall.i generally use swarzkofp shampoo and conditioner……..where do u find extra virgin coconut oil? Try using Moroccan oil serum on your hair daily……texture of hair changes.

  24. Hi Erica,
    you have lovely hairs..just love them. I too had hairs like your till few yrs back.
    But now i have very less hairs.
    I am trying metthi thingy since past 15 days. I also apply the methi paste on my scalp.
    it seems it is working….
    wish me luck..

  25. Hi there érica ! Was browsing for some good hair packs and came across your article. Listen i have frizzy hair and so do you suggest any particular oil or pack which will improve their health & appearance? Thanks .. Shruti:)

  26. hi erica u ve beautifull..i had good hair bt now i m facing hair fall…everybody says i should take one treatment for at least 2 mnths…i ve tried every oil. now using trichup..figaro was one my of my fav..can i use trichupp 2 times in a week n 1 time meethi and coconut oil im a week

  27. I completely identify with your mother’s refusal to allow other women to cut your hair. I learned the hard way to never allow other women into my hair. “Evil Eye” is right. Every single time I have asked a woman in some beauty parlor to trim my hair,it somehow morphs into a full on chop session. They always find a way to hack off anywhere from four to six inches and I am left bereft. So now I’ve wised up,I go to the barbershop for trims and the only other woman allowed to touch my hair is my elder sister. Case closed.

  28. Wow ! You have excellent quality of hair ! Keep it up, grow more longer. Open hair suits you, and looks very beautiful. I know even a hairbun will look much better.

  29. hey repanzuel can u tell me, how ur mom is boling fenu greek seeds??? is she boiled in water ?? coz after boilin and using it the main vitamins will shed in the boiled water itself… so does she use that water in that oil???

  30. hi
    since i was a child i had so long hair to my knee and so thick that my mum have cut her cloth coz there is no way to find something to hold my hair together
    now i lost my hair coz evil eye
    there is any chance to treat this evil eye


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