Hair care tip-Herbal remedy for hair fall and gray hair


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I received a mail from Sangeeta Gupta who has sent me two herbal remedies which according to her is one of the best home remedy for hair care.This remedy will prevent hair fall,condition them and will make them strong.

Here goes the remedy


Gingely oil (gingely oil is til ka tel or sesame seeds oil In Gujarati and Bangla it is til (তিল) and raasi in Oriya . South India feature an independent name for sesame exemplified by Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada ellu (எள், എള്ള്, ಎಳ್ಳು] and Telugu “Nuvvulu”(నువ్వులు).

1 OR 2 eggs according to your hair length

Olive oil


Apply gingely oil in your whole scalp and cover each strand.Leave it over night and use a good herbal shampoo.After rinsing off your hair with water condition it with egg and olive oil.

Take 1 egg and add 1 tbsp of olive oil in it.Blend it well and keep it for five to 10 minutes.Apply it on your hair and let it dry.You can keep it for maximum of four hours.It is perfectly fine if you keep it for one hour also.

Egg in your hair will not  stink after adding the olive oil.Use this remedy once in a week for conditioning and dry hair problem.Those with hair fall problem should use it twice a week.

Second remedy is for gray hair


2tbsp Henna
1tsp curd
1tsp fenurgreek seedpowder
1tbsp coffee
2tbsp mint juice(Pudhina)
2tbsp basil juice(Tulsi)


Mix all ingredients together and make a paste of it.Apply this paste on your hair for two to three hours.Wash the paste off with any herbal natural shampoo and condition them as usual.If you leave this paste for four hours then the color of your hair will get more darker.

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