Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair(Guest post)


 Guest post by Gunjan

Curly hairs are difficult to deal and break easily. Managing them  itself is a task but according to me curly hair looks the sexiest. If you look at Kangana Ranaut she has natural curly hairs and she carries them so sexily and gracefully.Many top actresses go  for curly hair for their films. If you take Preity Zinta she looked  so beautiful in Dil Chahta Hai with her curly hairs than in any other movie.
Like straight or wavy hairs curly hairs too needs care.Below are some tips for curly hair care which can help you out.
*Curly hair should be combed rather then using brush.
*If possible always let them dry naturally.
*Curly hair tends to get dried and brittle because of too much shampooing. Frequent shampooing strips off the hair from natural oils.Therefore curly hairs people should try to limit shampooing too twice or thrice a week.This will keep the natural oil on the scalps intact and prevent them from drying and getting brittle.
*Use narrow tooth brushes or combs for combing your hairs as this prevent the hair from breakage .
*Use a leave-in conditioner to make it easier to manage. Curly hair frizzes easily so this conditioner help prevents frizz.
*To get a natural wave in your hair divide your hair into section of 1-2 inch and damp your hair a bit.Roll them into balls and let them dry completely.Lose your curls when dried and do not brush them .Just finger through your curls.
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  1. Here's a challenge for all of you!Shampoo your hair the next day after using these products and don't use a conditioner but instead, a regular shampoo. That will be the true texture and health of your hair. These and all other hair products are nothing but smoke and mirrors and disguise what your hair really needs … moisture, which is the backbone for the strength and health of your hair. Conditioners are only fillers that last 2 to 3 hours until they either dilute or dissipate, Shampooing your hair with no-poo conditioners can create build up that attracts pollutants and eventually clog scalp pores that reduce new hair growth.Check out these two links and hopefully you will be open enough to find a better way to take care of your hair and spend hard earned money more wisely. There is only one waterproof product for frizzy hair … Lok and Blok!

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