Hair care tips-For long, beautiful and healthy hair


This tip is sent to me by Sushma Reddy from Bangalore.She has been following this remedy since 2 years and her hair have become healthier and shiny too.She asked me about one of her beauty problem and when she got good result she shared her secret beauty remedy with me as a token of gift.
Thanks Sushma!!!
Remedy goes like this:-
“Take hair bath thrice in a week .I generally wash my hair on Tuesday Friday and Sunday.On Tuesday I apply curd on my hair and keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.
On Friday I apply lemon juice on my hair for 10 minutes and wash it off with by rinsing my hair with water followed by shampoo and conditioner.
On Sunday which is a relaxing day I massage my hair with coconut oil and shampoo them.

You too can decide the days and follow the remedy accordingly.The day before I wash my hair I massage my hair with castor oil for 10 minutes at night.In the morning I use the above remedy according to the day and wash it off accordingly.
I always condition my hair and once in a month and take hot oil treatment at home.
This remedy prevents hair fall too.My Nani used to use this remedy which was religiously followed by mother who at the age of 50 have long black hair .But I started using this remedy two years ago when my hair were getting thin and dull and now I am going to follow this remedy for ever.”

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  1. hi i had lost my hair due to pnuemonia. nw the new hair which comes is so rough and dull.its hard to manage. can you give me some simple tips to get smooth shiny and thick hair

  2. Hi, i had long beautiful thick black hair until i was 12 years… now im having a big trouble as i have massive hair fall
    and also i color my hair with garnier hair color… the color wont stay more than 3 weeks and it turns white again .. im only 27 and get white hairs 🙁 im so frustrated with this please suggest somethin to get long thick black hair

  3. Thanks for the tips!!
    Hairzone spray is an herbal remedy used to reduce hair fall and promotes hair growth and improves hair density. It is mainly used by the person who lost their hair during chemotherapy.


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