Hair care tips for those who have long hair

One of the best physical asset of a women is hair and if some one has long hair then I am sure the girl must be loving every lock of her hair deeply.Problem however with long hair is managing it.Keeping the hair healthy, long , heavy and shiny is not something which can be done by every one.

All of us are living in an era where stress is part of our life.Every day we are rushing around to get things done and majority of us do not have the enthusiasm do take care of our hair.This is also one of the reason why most of us prefer to have short hair.
But if you are in one of those who have long hair , you love compliments which come your way and do not want to cut them then below tips will help you out.
*Long hair tangles easily especially if you have long curly hair then the problem is double fold.For this keep a wide toothed comb to untangle your hair and avoid using much of brush.As brush makes  the hair brittle and bring split ends up.
*Regularly trim your hair.Trimming keeps hair healthy and will make them grow at a faster rate.Avoid hot water on your hair .If the weather is too cold then you can use warm water or Luke warm water.
*Always comb slowly and in an downward motion.
*If you use shampoo frequently then use natural extract shampoo.
*Don’t rub your hair with a towel when drying them.Try to squeeze out the water from the tress .Keeping towel for a long time on your hair unnecessarily tangles your hair.
*Do not comb wet hair otherwise your strands become brittle.Leave it until half way dry as our hair root is weakest when they are wet.
*Limit the use of chemical products on your hair.
*Of course I will never forget to mention this which is most of the time overlooked.Take healthy diet.It keeps not only you hair healthy but the whole body.
*Drink plenty of water .
*Use good quality hair dryer and give proper nourishment to your hair by using home made hair packs.
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Hair Care For Those Who Have Long Hair


  1. Thanks Tanvi..Few days back I went to Habibs and the hair stylist completely ruined my hair style so I am also doing the same:(


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