Hair Color Chart : The Latest Hair Color Trends


Hair Color Chart : The Latest Hair Color Trends

If you want a hair makeover but do not want to cut your hair, get them colored! Coloring your hair has been in trend for quite some time now. These days the colors are of so good quality that they make your hair soft instead of making them dry and frizzy. Once you decide to color your hair, the problem of choosing the right color crops up. You can go global or just get some highlights and low lights but you need to be aware of the most suitable hair colors for your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, ashy colors will not suit you. Red hues don’t go well with cool undertones.

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Besides skin tone, the natural color of your hair is also a very important point to consider. Here I have narrowed down best hair colors for you depending on the natural shade of your hair.

Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair

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If you have pitch black or very dark brown hair then going too light may not be the best option for you. Indian girls with dark hair and olive skin can change their hair color to dark copper or a little lighter shade of brown. If you are willing to experiment a bit then get your tresses dyed burgundy. The warmth of burgundy compliments Indian skins beautifully.

For highlights copper goes well and lighter shades of brown also flatter dark hair but do not go blond as it might wash you out. Caramel highlights also suit dark hair but make sure that they are balanced as per your skin tone. If you like funky colors then stick to purple, red or plum.

Stay away from ashy colors.

Hair Color Trends For Brunettes

eva Brown Hair Caramel Highlights

If you have beautiful chocolate or honey hair, you have quite a lot of options to choose from. For global colors, go a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color. You can also color your hair in a shade that is a little darker than your natural hair.

If you are someone with warm undertones pick warm browns while cool skin tones can easily pull off ash browns.

Shades of blonds will look good as highlights on brunettes. You can get completely blond highlights if you are fair otherwise stick to darker side of blonds.

For low-lights, darker shades of brown work well but jet black low-lights may not look appealing.

Hair Color Trends For Blonds

braided styling for blonde hair

If you have naturally blond hair then you can opt for a variety of shades of blond to give a new look to your hair. Blush blond, vanilla blond, platinum blond, rose gold…you name it and you can get it. If you want to completely change your hair color, then dark ash blond or lighter shades of brown will be the best choice. Going too dark will not suit fair skinned girls with blond hair.

Golden highlights are for you. They will add sparkle and dimension to your hair.

For low lights, caramel and honey shades are recommended.

These are some basic guidelines and not some stringent rules that you have to follow. If you are experimental and have the confidence then you can be as wild with your hair color as you want.

Do you like coloring your hair?

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