Hair Color Ideas For Fair Skin Tone Beauties


Hair Color Ideas For Fair Skin Tone Beauties

Coloring your hair in varied hues is truly fun. Nobody likes it dull and boring; and that’s exactly why colors are there for. So if you can have colors in your clothes, in your makeup, in your accessories then why not some on your hair.

 hair color for your skin type

The color of your hair depends on various factors and differs from person to person as well. So today I’ll be talking about the perfect hair colors for fair skin tone beauties.


hair color for-fair-skin
The color I love most when it comes to hair coloring. I have lost count exactly how many times I went for red streaks. If you are daring enough, you can dye the entire hair red. You can also dye a few strand of hair (like me) or may be just the ends. Do whatever, because red is a gorgeous color and always makes you look sassy. You can try auburn too. Auburn hair is a variety of red hair and is totally stunning.


hair color for medium skin tone
Another favorite of mine. Blue is fun, funky and fab. You have different shades of blues you can choose from. It is definitely the color to go for if you have a cool undertone with pale complexion. However warmer complexion can also indulge in blues. You just have to choose the right shade for your tone. Somehow blue hair color reminds of pixies and fairies. And I think it is sexy and cute.

Golden Brown

Luckily I am blessed with naturally light brown hair, which looks golden brown under sunlight. (Happy me). So trust me, it is one of the most beautiful hair colors. Brown color for hair is the most in demand all over the world and golden brown hair color is one of the top selling shades in brown. If you want to color your hair, but don’t want to go too bold, then golden brown is the shade for you. It is classy and sassy.


Pink is girly, it is funky. It adds a punk element to the look. Pink is definitely the color to go for if you have a cool undertone with pale complexion. Pink is everything sweet and cute. You have different shades of pink to choose from; pale pink, bubblegum pink, neon pink, hot pink, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are brunette or blonde; pink is just the right shade for you.


orange hair color

Orange is the color of sunset, it is warm and welcoming. This is great for those with warmer skin tones. It gives a lovely natural glow to your face. However to add a punk element, you can go for vivid tangy hair. Yes, there are many shades of orange available and thus you can play with the vibrancy of the color. Say there is pumpkin orange, pantone orange and tangerine orange for the more daring ones, and then there is the more subtle burnt orange, brownish orange or alloy orange. You can try orange streaks if it is your first time. But be careful before trying this color. Just make sure that your skin tone suits the shade you are trying to sport.


hair color for warm skin tones
Green might be the color of jealously but not when it comes to hair. For green can symbolize anything, you might want to sport green to support your love for nature, or simply your love for the color. But it always looks better on naturally blonde hair, than on brunettes or those with black or darker brown hair. But if your natural color is something like dark brown then you can always dye just a lock of hair. Say take a lock from the lower part of your head. Say from the nape region. And then when you leave you hair open there will be just this one lock of surprise.

Have you colored your hair before?

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