Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid


Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid

Coloring hair has become a part of fashion now and rightly so. Hair color is a really great way to give yourself a new appearance. Hair color makes you look vibrant and younger. These positives may turn into downright negatives if you are not careful before going for hair color. Even a small mistake can take you look from fab to drab. To help you here I have mentioned some of the top Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid-

Coloring Dirty/Conditioned Hair


You MUST wash your hair before a dye job. Color will not be able to coat greasy hair. Remember that you should not condition your hair before coloring it. Conditioner will coat hair strands and will make it impossible for the color to come out vibrantly on hair. And yes do not use a conditioning shampoo just before going for hair color.

Stark Changes

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Going too dark or too light than your natural hair color can make you look older than you actually are. Opt for a hair color that is just a couple of shades darker or lighter than your hair. Also stay away from dyeing your hair with a jet black dye even if your natural hair is dark black. Jet black colors make your hair look ink blue and artificial which is not flattering at all.

Dark Roots and Hairline

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Do yourself a favor and make sure that your hair strands are coated uniformly with the color. Dark or even light hair peeping near the roots make you look frumpy. If your roots are starting to show due to hair growth, go for a touch-up.

Zebra Streaks

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Highlighted hair looks beautiful but put an extra stark highlight and you will end up looking all striped up like a zebra. Highlights should look natural to provide depth to your hair. Colors that are just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color will work well as streaks.

Adding To Damage

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Never get your hair colored when it is already weak and damaged. Coloring your hair makes them more prone to damage so if your hair is already unhealthy, coloring it will only add to the problem. If you want to color your hair then first provide it proper treatment and nourishment. Once the health of hair is restored, go ahead with the paintbrush without having to worry about losing more hair.

Playing With the Time Limit

How to color hair at home

This point is applicable for those who color their hair at home. Many girls think that leaving the color on for more than the mentioned time limit will make color more vibrant. What it actually does is that your color may turn out darker that too in a bad way. Keeping color on for longer can also cause damage.

If you keep your color on for less than the required time then also the color will come out weak and faded looking.

Did you know of these Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid?

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