Hair Color Tips This Season


Hair Color Tips This Season

Hair color is something enjoying unending attention these days from women across age groups. It would not be wrong to say that women from all age groups are inclined to get their hair colored or streaked to different hair tones which are in trend.

hair color trends for fall 2015 celebrities

I myself got streaks done recently and not for once did the thought of harm or damage to my hair came to my mind because my hair not too conspicuous before and I desperately wanted to go for a different look. It happens with me and I guess for most of us that hair colors, makeup, lipsticks, we just want all of it when we want it 😀

So what that’s us! I would not want to dwell more onto womanhood. Let me share some tips with you for choosing the right hair color this season.

Hair Color Tips This Season for Indian skin

Suitable Hair Color

Always use a color which suits your hair well. The color should be suited to your skin tone. For the Indian skin tone, always go for natural colors to the extent possible. Browns in all their shades usually look good than a blonde look with entire golden color.

Also, we Indians are already too apprehensive about using something like hair color as we are more concerned about the society we live in. So, we cannot afford to have something that would look odd and dismal making us fall out of this society. Being a negative center of attraction is something no one would want to do.

Hair Color Tips This Season

Choose Trusted Brand

Regarding brand, always go for a brand that you have already listened about. While all brands have written a precautionary test over their packets, they are seldom done. But this should always be done before you trust a brand. After all it’s about your hair. A wrong hair product could bring some irreversible damage.

Going for a natural color like brown, black or burgundy has been accepted as suited to Indian color tones. People mostly prefer a brown color but it has to be colorfully chosen too as there are different under tones of the brown color which one needs to consider. Shades like chocolate brown or ash brown are usually more suited to normal Indian skin tone. Even shades like mahogany and chestnut would suit the Indian skin tones but for fairer tones.

Choose Highlights Wisely

Some people also go for golden, either as highlights or full hair. But these usually suit fairer skin tones with whitish under tone of the skin. It is however, better to be used as highlights only as golden is one color that has the harm of getting bleached and thus your hair may turn ugly by the time the color seeps in completely in your skin.

loreal hair color

Burgundy on its own is a very different color. It is more suited to dusky Indian skin tones. More preferred by people with longer hair as the short hairstyles with this color might not be too conducive to Indian genre.

Please always avoid Black or Jet Black as colors as they make you appear as if you are wearing a wig! They are a total turn down and they look like a cover up to grey hair than any fashion act.

Funky colors like pink and red are only good as highlights like golden as they are not very well accepted by Indian society as yet. Plus they also have the danger of getting bleached.

Hope you know by now which color to go with!

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