Hair Colouring The Latest Trend – Say Yes! To Colour!!!


Hair Colouring Being The Latest Trend – Say Yes! To Colour!!!

Hi beauties!

Hair color is a super hot trend these days. I personally love the trend. Hair colors were used earlier too but now everyone is into colouring hair. Colouring hair adds a new dimension to the personality.

hair colour the latest trend

The same old hair can get boring and when there are so many options available out there then why not try them!

As we all know now that hair colour is not limited to covering greys now. Colouring hair is simply fun and a great way to look beautiful.

The Colour Basics

First of all colouring your hair does not harm your hair if you use good quality colours. Doing it the right way is also important as your efforts show through your hair.

You can easily colour your hair at home .Colouring is just as difficult as some people makes it looks like.

loreal casting creme gloss

Before choosing your new hair colour, you should consider the natural colour of your hair and very importantly your skin tone too. Not all colours look great on everyone. The basic rule is to not go more than two shades lighter or darker with your new colour.

There are many colours available from Dark black to blonde. Even more shades are available if you want to just highlight a few strands of your hair.

Once you colour your hair, it is important to take proper care of it. Use only those shampoos and conditioners that are meant for coloured hair. Regular oiling is essential as well.

coloured hair loreal casting

If you use good quality hair colours and take care of hair well, there is no way that your will be damaged.

To help you girlies out , I will do a tutorial on hair colouring at home soon. I will be using L’Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss for the demonstration which is one of the best ones available in the market.

So get ready to say yes colour  🙂

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  1. you look fab… 🙂 Hope you are not bored with my monotonous ‘looking fab’, ‘looking great’, ‘loking gorgeous’ comments.. :P. But what to do… you are so.!! and that is the only thing which flashes in my mind when i see you.

    :D… you are lovley.. 😀

  2. U look good in everything 😉
    I am crazy for hair colors.. Had blue n pink highlights during college days 😉 hv turned sober now tho..

  3. you are looking smashing hot ana 🙂 trust me , i adoreeee your hair and so want to color my hair but i am so scared ..
    they are so rough 🙁 🙁
    you should totally do a tut and encourage us 🙂

  4. You have such a cute doll face girl..I also am very scared of colouring my hairs but looking at how hot you look I should also say yesssss to colour my hairs!


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