Hair Curling Iron Rod Suggestions


Puja asks,

I have straight hair and I love getting big or small curls  done in my hair.I am now thinking of getting a curling Iron rod.Can you suggest me any curling iron rod which will give me the curls which I desire πŸ™‚


hair curling rod suggestions


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  1. i have curly hair n m thinking off getting it straightened n u vice versa :silly: ..we gals r never gonna be satisfied πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  2. Hi Puja, instead of iron curling rod, I suggest you check out hot wax rollers. They give good defined curls..have options of big and small curlers and are easy and faster than a curling iron.

  3. when I straightened my hair 2 years back, i regretted like anything :duh: …i missed the bounce of wavy hair….go glad had all the rebounded hair chopped off … only natural wavy hair :dance-leftright:

    btw coming to the topic — try remington or philips wala….

  4. i love straight hair too but i am very moody too so i’ll never know what i’ll feel like having on any given particular day..i fiddle with my hair a lot too..

  5. I had slightly wavy hair when I was a lil girl but now I have straight hair.
    For curls I use my straightner from morphy richards which does a wonderful job for me.
    I also have the styler from same brand morphy richards and among all its extensions it has a curling tong too, which is ok but not super effective.
    If you want more natural looking curls then invest in a good straightner as it will do both jobs, else buy a one and a half inch curling rod for tight curls πŸ™‚


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