Hair Cut As Per Body ?


Getting a haircut according to body shape is something you would have never thought of but trust me it makes hell lot of difference in your appearance. Once you are aware about the kind of haircut that would suit you, it adds to your style and confidence.

In order to balance out your bottom half with top half, haircut plays a significant role though is generally ignored. Simple rule opposites attract and maintain the overall proportion example” if full figured or curvy go for slimmer straight hair and if straight or slim go for voluminous hair”

For Apple Body Shape


Hairct For Apple Body Shape - Sonakshi Sinha


Resemblance:  Sonakshi Sinha

Objective: Lengthen the round middle by adding elevation on top.

Do: Thinned out layers with height at crown.

Don’t: Side Volume or a bob. Short cuts shrink your head making your figure look unbalanced.

For Hourglass Body Shape


Haircut For Hourglass Body Shape - Katrina Kaif


Resemblance: Katrina Kaif

Objective:  Add little bit of imperfections to the Perfect Body Shape, do not go over the top.

Do: Medium length waves compliment curves.

Don’t: Super long cuts or wild curls can make them look cartoonish.

For Pear Body Shape


Haircut For Pear Body Shape - Jenifer Lopez


Resemblance: Jennifer Lopez

Objective: Add volume and length, so that upper half balances the lower.

Do: Long Lush Waves keep eyes focussed on your top half.

Don’t: Short hair draw too much attention on the ample bottom

For Petite Body Shape


Haircut For Petite Body Shape - Natalie Portman


Resemblance: Natalie Portman

Objective: Add some tallness but not volume.

Do: Shoulder length or short hair with minimal volume.

Don’t: Long hair or massive waves add too much volume and length which can overwhelm a slender frame. Do not extreme in this case, balance is the key.

For Straight Body Shape


Haircut For Straight Body Shape - Preity Zinta



Resemblance:  Preity Zinta

Objective: To add some curves and angle that would lend some shape to the straight figure

Do: Long wavy or curly flowing layers creates illusion of curves

Don’t: A short crop or spiky hair can appear masculine.


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  1. Thas quite an interesting article girl..Infact i have an observation to add here..Remember how long Sonam Kapoor hair was when she did her first film..She chopped them up although didn’t touch the front hair and look at the difference..She looks so much better..

    Another case is of Amisha patel..she looks way better in medium length hair than her preious long hair.

  2. interesting article…. i always get confused when it comes to haircuts…i dont really understand what to do with these long frizzy waves…n often just chop them to get rid of mess…


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