Hair Damage : Things Going Wrong & Remedies


Hair Damage : Things Going Wrong & Remedies

We often tend to harm our hair unintentionally as we are not even aware that we are doing things wrongly. There are certain common mistakes that we all do and that cost us dearly in the form of hair loss, hair whitening and hair damage from the roots. Let me bring to the table today, a few common mistakes that we have been committing and which through simple changes can be rectified from immediate effect.

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Brushing after washing

One should never brush hair or comb them immediately when they are wet. Wet combing damages the cuticles and leads to hair fall. I have been doing this since ages as I wash my hair and rush for office with combing. But recently I stopped doing this and instead of combing used my fingers which reduced the hair fall considerably and today my hair volume is better than before. Please do not comb immediately after shower. Let your hair come to a little normal temperature. Till then use your fingers to brisk off the excess water.

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Using the right comb!

This is another common mistake we do to use a plastic or wood handled brush while the truth is that we should use wood-bristled comb for the hair as it stimulates the scalp and helps the natural oils to stay on our heads and keep the hair healthy. Other combs and brushes destroy the follicles and the hair become naturally bleak and weak with time. Stop using those old style combs immediately.



We sometimes do over conditioning which is another cause of hair damage. We think conditioners provide us luster while the fact is that they only give a temporary shine to our hair which goes to vain with time as the conditioner loses its effect in a few hours. It is actually also because sometimes we have not cleaned our hair off the conditioner and it is left over in our hair. We should effectively clean our hair until the water runs clear to ensure all conditioner and shampoo is out of our hair.

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Towel Drying

Excessive towel drying also damages hair follicles and leads to breakage. We should avoid excessive patting of the towel and instead use fingers to entangle hair and leave the water to dry on its own.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments like hot iron, curlers on wet hair are a strict No! This is because they damage the hair badly and leave them to irreversible position. We should refrain from using it directly on wet hair and begin with applying a serum on the wet hair for sometime and then after they are a little damp, we may begin with the heat treatments. Also, too much of heat treatments are also bad as they rip off the hair strength completely and lead to breakage and other damaged ends.

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Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are made of alcohol and are not much good for the hair. We should use them occasionally and that too not on hot hair. Have you ever heard the sizzle sound the hair sprays make when sprayed on curled or straightened hair. It is because of the alcohol that comes into contact with the heat, which is similar to petrol catching fire. Please refrain from the use of sprays on hot hair.

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I hope these warnings are enough to alarm you where you are going wrong. Do not commit these simple mistakes and rectify them immediately to have healthy hair.

Have you tried these remedies for hair damage?

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  1. Very helpful review. I have stopped using conditioners for a long time now as I faced a lot of hairfall because of it… I have bookmarked this page!!


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