Hair Dryer Suggestions


Nidhi Asks,

I am interested in buying a new hair dryer which I can use to straighten my hair.I previously was using philips one which was not something very great.

Plz suggest a hair dryer which you are using and finding it comfortable .I will be happy if you could let me know the model number too.


Hair dryer suggestions


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  1. hello nidhi,
    i use philips dryer, its the best best :yes: :inlove: :yes: dryer i ever tried. if u have a budget of around 2500-3000 then go for philips dryer IONIC RANGE hp4997/22, its suppppper i love it n goes lonnnnnng long way 😀 .or if around 1000 then try panasonic range. all the best :-))

  2. philips salon shine..i love that it’s got 1 cold blast option as well..2 speeds and 2 temperatures for heat..n it sez it releases ionizing particles that keep frizz away and prevent heat damage as well,in case u use the hot blast! gives good results! m hapy with it..all u need is a good comb or a brush and you’re set

  3. hi nidhi, thr r many types in philips too…am not sure which u were using before…but u can try philips salon shine. I use it and keep the temp low or cool to make my hair dry but havent tried to set my hair with it. I heard that it makes hair less damage compared to other dryers when used for hair styling..

  4. I have a pro one from nova 1500 watts! I have used braun, philips, maharaja whiteline short all indian brands! I LOVE MY NOVA!! Its the bestest for straigtening, blow drying ! I love ittt! Also you need the right brush nidhi! The one that is used for blow drying comes at various prices.. I suggest u to pick a good one! also vega has this straightening brush which is easy to use 🙂 u shud try that :tap-dance: :dance-leftright: :clap-n-jump: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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