Hair Fall After Delivery|Hair Fall After Pregnancy



I have long hair and during my pregnancy they got so much better but now when my baby is three month old I am having terrible hair fall.Is there any solution to the problem ?


Hair Fall After DeliveryHair Fall After Pregnancy


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  1. Hair fall after pregnancy is normal and happens due to the hormones..I had really bad hair fall and my hair would get tangled all the time. I went in for a Loreal hair treatment and it somehow stopped after that. I also keep my hair short and apply olive oil every weekend..don’t worry it will get better

    • is it..i am going to use loreal hair treatment more often now 🙂 and i too read that keeping hair short is also a good solution but i can’t think of that.:(

  2. It’s true…the hormonal changes post labour induces hairfall. The best thing to do is to continue taking the iron and folic acid supplements u were taking during ur pregnancy even now and until ur baby is atleast 6 months old. It makes a world of difference 🙂

  3. Take your Iron and Folic Acid supplements plus the multivitamin, and please let your doctor prescribe the aforementioned as you must be feeding right now. and make sure you eat healthy.
    Hairfall will reduce once you start weaning the baby 🙂

  4. Only Healthy Diet and Vitamin supplements will get back your hair to you….No way…. 😛
    Me too experienced same and got back My Hair after some time….
    Proper maintance of hair is very important :yes:


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