Hair Fall Due To Thyroid And Remedies



Hair Fall Due To Thyroid And Remedies


Hair is every woman’s beauty, and she treasures it and cares for hair a lot. But her heart aches when she suffers from hair fall. There can be many reasons for hair fall, one such among them being Thyroid.

What Causes Thyroid Hair Loss?

The hair loss is usually caused by a hormone imbalance in patients suffering from thyroid issues.  Thyroid hormone is the primary hormone involved for people with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, but an imbalance in the steroid hormones can also lead to hair loss as well.  For example, an imbalance in estrogen or testosterone can lead to hair loss, and these hormonal imbalances are common in people who have thyroid conditions.  This is why just prescribing thyroid hormone in the case of someone who has hypothyroidism or anti-thyroid drugs for someone who has hyperthyroidism won’t always help with thyroid hair loss.

There can be other possible causes of the hair loss as well.  While the hormone imbalances might be the primary cause, you still will want to rule out other causes.  For example, taking certain medications can lead to hair loss.  This doesn’t only include certain thyroid medications such as Synthroid, but other prescription drugs such as some blood thinners, antidepressants, and birth control pills.  You can certainly decide to visit a dermatologist to rule out other potential causes of hair loss.


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Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to hair loss.  For example, some studies link a deficiency in zinc to hair loss, and other nutritional deficiencies can play a role as well.  Dealing with chronic stress on a regular basis can also lead to hair loss.  Genetics is of course another factor that needs to be considered.  So while it’s normal for someone with a thyroid condition to assume the imbalance in thyroid hormone is the primary cause, there are many other factors which can directly cause or contribute to hair loss for someone who has a thyroid condition.

How To Cure Thyroid Hair Loss:

To cure thyroid hair loss, first the cause of the thyroid condition needs to be determined and then addressed.  Just in case if someone suffering from hair fall due to thyroid hormone imbalance does not want to follow a natural thyroid treatment, then this can be corrected by their endocrinologist or general medical practitioner.  If it involves an imbalance of the steroid hormones, frequently endocrinologists won’t even look at these levels, and thus such an imbalance will usually go unaddressed.

But even if it is addressed by an endocrinologist or medical doctor, they usually would recommend for their patients to take bioidentical hormones.  While this might help to manage the symptoms of the thyroid condition, including the hair loss problem (although not always), but a hormone imbalance can be not corrected without the person having to take natural hormones.  Eating better, taking certain nutritional supplements and/or herbs, and modifying other lifestyle factors can correct a hormone imbalance.

First and foremost your need is to find out the factor or factors which might be causing the hair loss. Once this is determined, we can look forward for its solutions.  S.

Nutritional Supplements That Can Help With Thyroid Hair Loss:

I’m not a big fan of telling people to take nutritional supplements to cure a condition, unless if it’s a known nutritional deficiency which is causing the health condition.  So while I’m about to list some supplements which can potentially help with thyroid hair loss, keep in mind that it’s always best to consult with a competent doctor to get tested for any nutritional deficiencies, rather than taking these herbs on your own.  Of course most medical doctors won’t test you for such deficiencies, as you will most likely need to seek the advice of a holistic doctor.  In any case, here are a few supplements that might be able to help with thyroid hair loss:

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins don’t directly cause hair growth, but they can be contributing factors for anyone looking to grow hair.
  • Certain Amino Acids. Some studies show that L-lysine and L-arginine can stimulate hair growth.  You can choose to take a nutritional supplement, or can obtain these amino acids by eating foods such as poultry, fish, and legumes.
  • Evening Primrose Oil. This as a supplement can help with thyroid hair loss in people with hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hair loss can be cured by consumption of these supplements, but please make sure to refer a doctor before you start with these. Just remember that there are other causes of hair loss too which might be a factor, and thus one can’t just assume that the thyroid condition itself is responsible for the hair loss.  And even if it is the primary cause, there is always a chance that there can be contributing factors, which is why you might want to receive an evaluation to get a clear picture about reasons behind hair loss.

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