Top 10 Causes Of Hair Fall


After the spectacular response from you all on my hair loss story I am here listing down few causes of hair loss which are frequent among all women.

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  • Stress – yes, if you are stressed out, it will show in every part of your body, including the hair. If you are doing all you can and still seeing gobs of hair falling off, that probably means you have a hair fall problem coming out of stress.
  • Weird hair styles – yeah, those weird hair styles that make pulling and tearing hair so easy. So stay away from making hairstyles which will need you to pull or tug on the hair for a long time.
  • Hair Antics – curling, blow-drying, straightening, coloring are all part of this routine. If you have a hair fall issue already, these will add to the stress to the hair and make it fall more.

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  • Hormonal changes – you might see that in “that time of the month” your hair tends to fall way more than the other times. Yes, you got it. It’s the hormones.
  • Not enough water – it is important to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. That’s right. 3 liters. So if you haven’t had enough, start right away.
  • Low Iron in the Body – yes, surprisingly, low Iron content in the body can cause hair fall. Strange, huh? But true. So, eat up food rich with Iron and Vitamin K.
  • Birth Control Pills – yes, these can cause hair fall and also induce your hair loss too. So, make it a point to go see the doctor and talk to her if you are taking such pills to get rid of the situation.

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  • Braiding – tight braids can cause more hair fall than necessary. So, make sure your braids do not pull your hair. Also, only braid dry hair. When you braid in wet hair, the moisture retained often rot the hair follicles and induce hair loss.
  • Combing – yes, all those out there who think combing your hair 200 times a day is a good thing, NO IT IS NOT! Different types of hair have different type of needs, so make sure your comb suits your hair’s needs.
  • Dieting – for all you crash dieters out there, here is a tip. When you go for all those diets, if your body does not get enough nutrients, it directly affects your hair. So make sure you are eating right and getting all the proteins, minerals and vitamins in your system.

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So, these are some of the more common causes of hair fall.

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  1. Sleeping with open hair can also be a cause (also very uncomfortable)
    i sleep with a not-so-tight french braid. It keeps my hair away from my face and i don’t wake up with with badly tangled hair. 🙂

  2. im confused with the tying up wet hair thingy… frm childhood we have been told not to tie up wet may cause tht fungus n hair breaks off in bits n pieces.. but u see so many sites advising u to tie up or wrap wet hair overnight to set style..i hv never done it but always wondered about the danger of fungus u know?…
    i love to twist n pin my dry hair overnight loosely because it makes hair so manageable next day n smooth n straight.. 🙂


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