Hair Hacks For Short Hair


Hair Hacks For Short Hair

Okay Girl, you have been blessed with a decent mane which is not too long and you constantly crib to get those long luscious locks of hair! But not everything which looks great comes easy! Long hair needs a lot of care and protection which is sometimes a tedious task!

I personally never wished for waist length hair and whenever I had the chance to grow my hair that much, it used to horrify me as to I had to take a lot of things into consideration to nourish and clean them! I was always a happy girl with back length hair which is manageable for me!

Well, short hair has so many advantages you know! Your birthday cake may have as many candles but you will still manage to look about 1-3 years young with a short hairstyle which suits your face!

So all those pretty girls which have short hair need not long for long hair any more as here I am going to mention some great hair hacks specially for short hair!

A Quick Hair-Do

easy hair do short hair

Take your hair length and comb it back in the center into a pony tail. Apply a hair serum to let the hair strands remain silky smooth. Take equal fraction of hair and twist and roll outwards! Do this for the entire hair in the pony! Secure then with black bobby pins and you have an up-do in less than 10 minutes!

Braid It-

braid on short hair

Well short hair doesn’t let you attempt any braid hairstyle so why not make a tiny braid from the side forehead itself and pull it backwards! You can make one braid on one side and leave the other or make it a two way affair and secure with a bobby pin, leaving the rest of hair strands open!

French Twist-

french twist short hair

Got short hair and wondering how to come up with a bun hairstyle, then this is probably one of the easiest up-do for you! Back comb your hair and twist it in an upward direction to give a flipped look! Fold and flip as much as you can! Use lots of bobby pins to secure it!

Voluminous Messy Bun

top twist messy bun

If you are someone who loves messy bun like anything but have limp hair which makes you go Nay for a messy bun then try this voluminous messy bun as your personal savior! Take a small fraction of hair from the forehead and twist it 3-4 times! Now take the rest of the hair and along with the twisted lock of hair, and form a messy bun, secure with a thin band! You can see it gives an illusion of a good volume of hair! 🙂

Well, these were some easy to do hair hacks for short hair! I hope you like these and attempt a few yourself!

Have you tried any of these hair hacks before?

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