Hair Ingrown After Waxing & Stretch Marks Solution – Wise She Reader Question


By xyz (Name asked to be kept anonymous)

I am facing two  problems…. one is the problem of hair ingrowths on my thighs and arms…i use depilatory creams for hair removal… and sometimes wax… i have tried scrubbing my body using a loofah … but it doesnt seem to help… ;( so could you suggest some body scrubs(preferably brands as i dont have time to make them at home )… also i read in your blog that using the body shop exfoliating gloves wouldhelp ..shall i try them .. if i use an epilator for hair removal would this problem be solved ? kindly help me …

The second problem am facing is quite embarrassing … i have stretch marks .. rough skin… and blemishes… on the seating area….most girls face this problem .. and this reduces their self esteem when they get married …;( i have started worrying about this too … it becomes difficult to wear a swim suit … ( swimming happens to be my favourite sport) . should i use a scrub their also… kindly suggest some creams … or anything… i saw buffy scrub in lush … will using that help….

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  1. To prevent hair ingrown exfoliate your skin before shaving.You can use a loofah or a sponge also.You are asking for a body scrub available out side but if you use baking soda and mix it with a tbsp of liquid soap and spread this mixture over your body it will prevent hair ingrown problem.

  2. Yes body shop gloves helps in preventing hair ingrown problem and the reason being that they exfoliate skin nicely. you can use them twice a week too .

    for stretch marks and rough skin you can try Body shop cocoa butter creamy body wash .

    i have heard that it helps in reducing stretch marks.with this if you scrub and apply olive oil or shea butter they do get reduced but i haven’t come across any permanent solution of this problem.

    and don’t worry about this thing at all..90% woman suffer from this problem and i don think so that man have big issues in it.

  3. To prevent ingrowns keep a loofah handy when you shower . Scrub your skin while you shower not harshly but just be regular with it. Also clean yourself with warm water before and after you wax.


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