Hair loss treatment with fenugreek seeds (Video tutoiral)

Few days back I was discussing with Neha about fenugreek seeds(meethi daana) and how fenugreek seeds helps in keeping hair shiny and black.The most powerful thing about fenugreek seeds is that it purifies the blood and cools downs the system therefore having 1 or 2tsp. of soaked fenurgreek seeds really helps in summer.

Below hair pack which I am sharing today helps in removing any hair infection , dandruff  and prevents hair fall.This pack is like a natural hair loss treatment

If you are suffering from hair fall problem or severe dandruff problem then apply this pack and soak fenu greek seeds(2 tbsp ) in half glass of water and drink it every morning.You will see the visible difference with in a month.

Recipe of the pack is pretty simple and as usual I tried making a video out of it

 So here goes my small video

P.S – Before drinking fenurgeek seeds or taking fenugreek water seeds do consult your doctor.

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  1. Hey! Glad u put this up. I'll try it for sure next weekend..

    I used to drink water in which methi was soaked overnight everyday a few years ago. It used to taste quite bad.. 🙂


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