Hair Mask – Home made hair mask for dry, oily and normal hair

By Pratima Rao,                           Natural hair mask for all types of hair
Each hair type will have different characteristics and require different kinds of treatments. Here are a few hair masks to suit your type. Making your own hair mask will have the benefit of it NOT containing any harmful chemicals while giving your hair the direct benefit of the ingredients used.
Lack of regular oiling of hair, lack of proper shampooing and conditioning can lead to dry and brittle hair. Also excessive blow drying, straightening colouring can damage your hair. Brittle hair can lead to hair loss, frizzy hair etc. As far as possible avoid blow drying and dry hair naturally. Hot iron treatment to hair on a regular basis can lead to excessive hair loss.
Regular natural treatments can bring back the lustre in your hair.

Oil for hair

 Twice a week rub olive or castor or almond oil onto scalp at bedtime and shampoo next morning. Condition hair & wash off after 5 mins. Do a final rinse with cold water to add shine to hair.

The oils provide your hair with the required nourishment & moisture while promoting hair growth.
2. Mustard or amla oil – : Dry hair will also benefit from application of mustard or amla oil. Leave it on for one hour prior to shampooing.
Mustard oil prevents hair loss. Amla oil has been used in India since a very long time. It is used fir its cooling effect when applied on hair and also induces sound sleep. So you can even apply it at bed time and shampoo next morn. It also promotes hair growth, split ends and  prevents premature greying of hair.
3.Colored hair: You saw the benefits of banana for skin in earlier posts and now see how it benefits your hair too. Dyed or permed hair may look unmanageable and  lack luster. For this, mash 2 ripe bananas with 1 or 2 eggs. Apply from scalp to tip and  leave on for 15-20 mins before you wash off with mild organic shampoo.
 The protein in eggs will condition and  strengthen hair and acts as a natural cleanser. The moisturizing quality in bananas will make hair strong and  silky and gives a shine to hair. You could also add 2-3 drops honey or almond oil to bananas instead of eggs. Honey conditions hair and reduces the frizziness.

Natural cleanser for hair

You could try adding few drops honey to water and use as your final rinse. Other natural rinses like plain curd or flat beer will bring back the bounce to your hair.

Normal Hair

Normal hair is not too dry and not too oily either. This type of hair usually can be styled easily and  looks good most of the days.
Honey conditioner : Mix together honey with pure olive oil. Using a small amount at a time, apply this mixture through hair until well coated. Cover with a shower cap to get the benefit of a deep conditioning treatment and  leave for 30 mins. Remove shower cap, shampoo well, rinse and  dry as normal.
To this mask you could add a mashed banana and contents of 1 vitamin E capsule. This will make hair soft and  silky.
Oily hair may often look limp. Excess sebum on the scalp is the common cause for oily hair. Eating too much greasy food or not thoroughly shampooing hair can worsen the problem. Oily hair can lead to dandruff or hair fall.
Many apply shampoo only to hair and  do not pay much attention to the scalp. Massage scalp with fingertips to remove sebum. Do not pile hair on top. Incase of excess oily hair, two applications of shampoo may be required. When foam appears on the application of shampoo onto scalp, it means the excess oil has been washed off.  Incase you want to condition your hair, never apply a rich creamy one as this will only worsen the oiliness in your scalp.
1. Henna-papaya treatment : Mix about half a cup powder of henna leaves, half a cup of ripe papaya pulp and a tsp of lemon juice. Apply on hair and  leave for 20 mins and  wash of thoroughly.
Henna makes the hair stronger and  thicker. It is natural remedy against hair loss and dandruff. Nutrients in papaya stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair & makes hair soft while controlling dandruff.
2. Lemon rinse : Squeeze a little lime juice to water & use as a final rinse. This adds bounce to limp hair.

Methi mask/Fenugreek for hair



Soak some methi (fenugreek) seeds overnight with enough water to cover them and  grind them next morning. Massage this pack on scalpa hair and  leave on for 15-20 mins. Wash off with mild shampoo. Good against hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, thinning of hair etc.


  1. gud article.. i hate my oily hair 🙁 🙁 have to wash it thrice or even four times a week! 🙁 which i dont like :-s :-s reading all those chemicals on shampoo etc 🙁

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    btw that co washing thing :-s
    yaar i wash my hair so that jitna bhi "desi ghee" mere sir se tapak raha hota hai..caz of my damn oily hair..
    wo gayab ho jaye..
    co washing se to wo oil gayab ni hone wala ! :-s mere hairs ek din me all greecy ho jaate hai! :-s too much oily! 🙁 🙁 and bahot zyada shiny! :-s usko gayab karne ke liye shampoo se saaf karna padta hai! 🙁

  4. hmm fir deep condition jaroor karna otheriwse u will lose all your natural oil from your hair..or ghee itna tapak raha hai to thoda yahan bhija dena …it is getting clostly day by day..alright?

  5. lol… idea acha hai! 😛 try karungi next time 😛 :P..
    or waise i started using sesam oil … ek raat pehle laga deti hu! :-s its enough naa.. :-s caz i hate using cond. after using shampoo! 🙁

  6. cool! 😀 agar mere gray baal bhi kaale ho gaye to main nariyal chadaungi mandir me =)) =)) 😛 :P..
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  8. oh curry leaves nahi milte..fir how will south Indian survive?

    Amla is must for grey hair..I use to drink and eat goose berries sabji too

    haan warna oily hair ke liye multani mitty (fuller earth) is also good.I use to do that before.

  9. i have no idea.. waise maine yaha par zyada south indian nai dekhe :-s
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    dipti i got multani mitti from india.. how to use it =)) =)) 😛 😛 miss him 🙁

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  14. I thought I already replied but guess not :s So I used it on my hair and it is instantly easier to handle. It also looks a bit healthier than before and now I hope my hair will grow faster too!

  15. hey anamika,
    i hv used amla, rita, shikakai powder and my hands and nails become blackish and looking very bad… i don't no how to get rid of this… plz suggest me and also suggest how to handle amla powder without spoiling hands & nails.


  16. ohh sorry nisha for that…when ever you use any pack which has mehndi, shikakai powder, amla, rita(doesnt make hand black) then wear gloves before applying the pack….try using a cleanser 2-3 times a day to remove the black ness..i m so sorry i should have told u will go in 2-3 days max..if u don have gloves then you can wear polythene bag also.


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