Hair Mask : Must Haves For Every Hair Type


Hair Mask Must Haves For Every Hair Type

For a women to look pretty it is not only the skin or makeup that counts to add to her beauty but there are also other features which make her look beautiful! One such precious gift to a women is hair! Long or short, wavy or silky it the hair which adds to her charming looks and gorgeousness! Well, that is why we will know about Hair Mask Must Haves For Every Hair Type.

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Well, have you wondered how much these locks of hair have to go through in the process of beautification! So, let me just elaborate! The first thing you do after bathing is blow drying! It is essential for hair styling but also not good for the hair strength! Now a bit of styling by using curlers or straighteners without using any heat protecting spray on your hair length because you might get late! Afterwards, the hair sustains the adversities of the sun, wind, pollution, sweat, grime etc. and all you do is tie it in a bun!

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Well, imagine if your skin goes through this each day!! Well, just as the skin is cared and protected from all these exposure and damage, in the same way hair also needs care and protection if not everyday then at least twice a week!

Usually, we have heard of various types of skincare products for different skin types but for hair care you basically need one and the most important product i.e a good hair mask! This will easily solve all your hair woes and won’t need more care for your hair if you are doing this regularly!

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Here are some ways in which I can say that a hair mask is surely the most important product for an ideal hair care regime!

Pre- Work out Hair Mask-


Well, this is by far one of the most promising ways to ensure that your hair mask yields the maximum benefits for your tresses! Apply the hair mask on the hair length with the help of several partings and afterwards make a clean top bun and start your workout! The seat and the heat produced will enable the hair mask to penetrate deeper and give a mini hair spa at home!

Pre- Shampoo Hair Mask-

Argan De Luxe Oil Infusion Nutrition Mask review+argan de luxe+hair mask

If you feel your hair is too damaged from too much coloring or styling then make sure to use a good hair mask for your damaged hair just before you head to the shower and shampoo! The hair mask will form a nourishing layer and will protect the hair from further damage caused by the chemically loaded shampoo and conditioner products!

Always a Comb-

Nicky Clarke NSS042 Hair Therapy 230 Straightener - Paddle Brush

Make sure to use a comb, and that too a wide tooth one to put the hair mask on your entire hair length! If you use your fingers then it must be possible that only the top layer of the hair gets the hair mask coating! So a comb will ensure that the mask seeps deep to the roots and provide nourishment!

Use it prior to any event-

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I have seen many women heading to the salon for a beauty treatment or a haircut  just on the day when some occasion or event is there! I mean seriously! And after the treatment they end up looking odd with the greasy skin after a facial and also after a haircut! My advice is to go through a hair mask treatment at least 3 days before any event as till that time the hair mask gets easily absorbed and starts giving the bounce and shine required!

Well, these were some of the great benefits of using a hair mask!

Which is your go to hair mask for healthy nourished hair?

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